#MeTooOnCampus Update

The MeTooOnCampus campaigners met with the university on 16 April 2019, and again on 4 June 2019. The following outcomes and next steps were agreed: 

A joint sexual harassment communications campaign between the University and the Students’ Union will be launched, a working group will be set up and the University is already starting to look into using the hoarding to put communications up. This will be high priority, so the working group will include someone from the University’s senior leadership group. 

For researching casework related to sexual harassment and violence, the University has said they are very committed to doing this. The support services team have had Lime Culture come in to do a workshop, the Head of Support Services has contacted her equivalent at Keele, York, Durham and Bristol. The University is committed to doing further research into disclosures and the number of casework that is related to sexual assault and violence.

For trauma-specific services and a full-time Counsellor dedicated to victims of sexual assault and harassment, the University has committed to the appointment of 4 new Counsellors. They will ensure the entire Counselling Team is competent to deal with disclosures of trauma, that way the burden will not just be on one person to do this. However, there will still be a Lead Counsellor on this that will act as the key figure related to support in this area.

Finally, the removal of the 6 session cap given to students when they seek counselling. The University has said that they are dedicated to ensuring there is no cap. For next steps, the University will ensure the Counselling Team communicates the removal of the cap via any counselling sessions that students receive. They will also continue to establish partnerships with other services, so students can be signposted efficiently. 

Moving forward, we will be setting up more meetings with the University to track progress on this and ensure the voices of the student activists involved are being heard, and their demands are being met. We are very passionate about this issue and want to ensure the welfare and safety of students that have been affected by this is being looked after. We want to say a huge thank you to Amy Moran, Karli Wagener, Ariana Lambert, Becca Hull, Chloe Brown, Izzy Woolrych, Asia Page, Georgia Williams and the other amazing activists involved with this campaign. To get involved with the campaign, please email Oge Obioha.