Oge's Blog: "Student Safety"

Hey everyone

My name is Oge Obioha and I'm your Wellbeing Officer. I'm working on a number of events and campaigns on campus, but mainly fighting to ensure all students feel safe. Sexual harassment, robberies and burglaries and safely getting home at night are some of the things Leicester students are battling, and I am here to aid that fight.

I'm continuing conversations around increasing lighting and CCTV coverage in surrounding areas and I'd also like to collate personal stories from Leicester students so that we can demand action, so do get in touch!

We will be introducing a Safety Bus that drops you closer to home at night, and setting up a fully trained Patrol Team so you can walk closer to your home in a big group. 

If you have lost your wallet, have no money to get home or have been involved in an accident, the security team can call a taxi for you to get home which you can pay back to the SU the next day. Just ask about the Safe Taxi Scheme. 

If you are interested in any of these initiatives, email me at su-wellbeing@leicester.ac.uk and you can also find out more here.