Oge's Start of Term Blog

Hey everyone :) A very warm welcome from the Students’ Union for all our new students, and welcome back for all our returning students! Campus is buzzing again, the energy is great and we’re ready for the start of another successful academic year.

In amongst all of the events and messages at the start of term, I wanted to use this blog to highlight a few key things happening in the Students’ Union in the weeks ahead.

Our We Are Black History campaign starts today!! There is a series of events planned to discuss the experience of black students on campus. Celebrating black excellence is a key priority for the Students’ Union, to reduce the large gap in academic awarding, retention and satisfaction between black students and their white counterparts. The reasons for these consistent gaps are complex and a lot of change is required in the years ahead. The Students’ Union cannot and will not rest until we see strong, meaningful progress. Have a look at the full programme of events

With all the events happening, I wanted to use this opportunity to highlight the Students’ Union’s zero tolerance stance on sexual violence, and proactive approach to protecting survivors. The #MeTooOnCampus activists have been involved in working closely with the University in the past months to build a safer, more supportive community for students, and we will continue working in partnership. There will be a series of hard-hitting campaigns over the course of the year, to affirm our commitment to stamping sexual harassment out, starting with a series of promotional materials you should be seeing on campus this week. Keep an eye on updates here

Nominations for the Student Union Council Elections are now open! There are 15 different networks ranging from education, faith, sustainability or anything else that is of interest to you. When I was a student, I was heavily involved in the wellbeing network and loved running mental health events and a blood drive in the Students’ Union building. There are opportunities for any student to get involved and represent your peers, so have a look on our website here. Any student is eligible to stand for election and any student is eligible to vote, so lead change and have your say!

Finally, you may be aware that it is highly likely that a General Election will be called by the Government in the next few weeks. Unlike our elections, students have to be registered to vote in a General Election. Registration takes less than five minutes and can be completed here. Students can be registered to vote at home and at University. A lot of international students are also eligible to vote and a full list has helpfully been provided by another local Council on this website

Really excited for the year ahead, and if you want to get involved and make your voice heard, get in touch!

Find out a little more about me here and email me at su-president@le.ac.uk

Oge Obioha, SU President 2019/20