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The Students’ Union and Peer Mentoring team would like to welcome you to the wonderful city of Leicester and we hope you are looking forward to this exciting period of your educational journey.

We have a team of experienced current students, trained and ready to act as your Peer Mentor to support you in your integration into university life. This support can range from helping you to locate the best places for cheap food to where you need to go if you want to join a society. As a Mentee you can engage with the scheme as little or as much as you would like, we do not force friendship upon you. Mentors are trained to provide an alternative method of support from personal tutors, parents, friends etc.  


How does it work?

If you sign up to the scheme you will be allocated a Mentor and be part of a mentoring group. We try and match on department, course, common interest and any other special requests you may have.

Your Mentor will send you a welcome email introducing themselves and providing any hints and tips they have in transitioning into University life, they are a fantastic sounding board as they were once in your shoes.

Our Mentors will send periodic emails throughout the first term (don’t worry it won’t be spam and it will all revolve around your student experience) and invite you to various events. One such event will be the meet your mentor event; coordinated by the Lead Mentors. This provides an opportunity for your mentor group to all meet, there will be tea, coffee, a retro sweet shop and the opportunity to win a £50 Highcross voucher.


What did our mentees say last year?

“Very reassuring when moving somewhere new without friends.”

“If you are unsure about what to expect for uni, it is useful to ask any questions and get some advice.”

“It is good to have someone you can contact if you need support.”

71% of our mentees agreed that having a mentor was reassuring

84% of mentees said they would recommend the scheme to a friend


What next? 

This year our mentoring scheme is an opt out service and we want to give you the opportunity to either sign up or assess whether you would prefer to opt out. You have two options, both of which are accessed by following this link and either ‘apply’ or ‘opt out’.


It is important to note that if you do not opt out we will automatically assign you a mentor in the forthcoming weeks.

Please note that if you are a student studying medicine you will be assigned a mentor through your department and do not need to either apply for this scheme or opt out.


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