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If you are a current student at Leicester you can sign up here to be a Peer Mentor in September.

The Peer Mentoring Scheme is all about helping new students settle in to life at the University of Leicester through peer to peer support. 

Students in their second year or beyond act as Mentors, as they are in the perfect position to offer advice having already walked in the same shoes. As part of the role you will be providing support to incoming first students on your course and helping them to find the correct services to solve any issues they may have. In 2018-19, 98% of Mentors were happy that they received enough training for the role.

From completing the Bronze level of the scheme alone, you will gain a number of transferable skills including problem solving, peer support and improving your interpersonal skills. The contact you will have with your Mentees will be mostly through emails, which will help hone your communication skills. This could include making yourself aware of equality and diversity issues, or the role that is played in safeguarding for yourself and your Mentees and these skills will help you beyond university.

On top of this, this year we have introduced a Silver and Gold level of Accreditation if you wish to further your professional development, more information on this can be found here

Of course the best part of the role is that you are looking after your fellow students who will be experiencing the same things you did in your first year and supporting their wellbeing, while gaining HEAR accreditation to add to your CV.

We need Peer Mentors in every subject so sign up now 

In 2017-18, 97% of students said they would recommend being a Peer Mentor to a friend, and this figure increased in 2018-19 to 100%. Also all the training to be a Peer Mentor is now online so you can complete it from homeAs long as you sign up and complete the online training by Tuesday 27 August 2019 then you can be part of your department’s Peer Mentoring team.

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