The team is complete!

L-R Sana, Chloe, Oge, Adnan and Tony

Following a re-run of the position of Education Officer, we are delighted to annouce that Adnan Rahman has been elected as your 2019/20 Education Officer.

Adnan joins Oge Obioha as SU President, Wellbeing Officer Sana Ali, Mia Nembhard your Sports Officer, Tony Magaia as Equality and Liberation Officer and Chloe Brown your Activities Officer to make up your incredible 2019/20 Executiver Officer Team.

We are super excited to work with the new team next year as they work to improve the student experience at Leicester.

You can view detailed breakdown of the results here

More information about the elections, a video from results night and the reasoning behind the re-running of Education Officer is here


   Tony, Oge, Sana, Mia and Chloe