Tips for Freshers

Congratulations on getting in to the University of Leicester and a massive welcome from your Students’ Union. We represent almost 20,000 students and are here to support you all throughout your university journey as well as to help you develop your skills too.

We asked recent graduate and SU student staff member James Kumar for his top tips for new students - the music puns were all his!

  • Need someone to be there for you when the rain starts to pour? A lot of long term university FRIENDShips are formed with other students you meet through Societies. Be sure to check out all of our Student Societies at the Activities Fair or online here: – Societies are a great and easy way to meet new people who have similar interests to you.
  • Our house, in the middle of our BLOCK - Join your Halls’ Facebook group here -also remember to search Facebook for any other groups there may be (including an SU one) so you can try and find your flatmates before you arrive (handy for planning that first squad supermarket trip – remember if you move in on a Sunday some shops close early!)
  • We’re all in this together (insert overhead clap here) - You’re all in the same boat, the term ‘fresher’ describes how for all new students this is their first experience of university and everything that goes with it e.g. moving away from home etc. so everyone is probably feeling just as nervous as you
  • Work, work, work, work - Engage with the wider University and Students’ Union and put in the WORK as quick as possible because you will soon have a range of opportunities and experiences open to you which will make your time here more fun! Likewise put yourself out there to attend events and be brave enough to strike up a conversation with someone
  • As well as expressing yourself make sure you DISTRACT yourself! Feeling home sick? A busy schedule and new friends can make you enjoy your time at university more
  • And I would TRAIN 500 miles - Most of you will be moving away from home and will need to catch the train home to get them free laundry loads & home cooked meals that do not consist of just Pot Noodle. Travelling via train can be an expensive business so make sure you pick up a 16-25 railcard in order to save more money for Dominos!
  • It’s like candy, candy- Hungry on Campus?
    • Check out the deli counter at Delicious in Charles Wilson for UoL’s own version of Subway.
    • Fancy pizza? Check out Chi in Charles Wilson for that £3.75 pizza, fries & garlic dough balls deal
    • Craving some flavour? Check out Gee’s in the Percy Gee building for your jerk chicken, burritos & loaded fries
  • Work hard, play hard you gotta work hard, play hard – If you want to top up your income whilst at University (= more money for Domino's) you can find part-time work:
  • The wheels on the bus go round and round – If you’re living in Oadby you may want to consider getting a bus pass to get to campus. You can check out the shuttle service we run here or Arriva also sell passes that also work on Sundays and the wider city
  • You got a friend in me – We have a great Peer Mentoring Scheme where you are partnered up with a second or third year student from your course who can give you any tips/advice they have as well as answer any specific questions you may have. Just make sure you keep an eye on your emails as they will contact you and make sure you attend your Meet Your Mentor event (we promise they will not write their name on the bottom of your shoe)
  • They see me rollin’, they hatin, tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty – If you’re staying late on Campus have our safety bus drop you off home for £1!