Union Council Update - 3 December

On Monday 3 December, we had a fantastic turnout which saw over 70 students attend Union Council. We’d once again like to thank everyone who came and for engagement throughout the evening.

Discussions regarding Mental health, Safety, Sustainability and Equality and Diversity led to crucial issues being identified and many key solutions being voiced. The next step will be research-based, with staff and students focusing upon potential barriers, and how to overcome these to work on implementing winnable solutions.

The second part of the meeting saw the Palestinian Solidarity and BDS proposal brought forward and discussed. We would like to thank every individual who spoke or contributed to this discussion, and those of you who shared your personal opinions and experiences.

The BSD proposal was voted upon and passed with a majority vote. This means that it will now become Students’ Union policy and will move to an action group to work on implementation.

Finally, Union Council is open for all students to attend. If you are passionate about one of the above themes, why not come along and have your say? The next Union Council will be on Tuesday 11 December at 6pm in the Students’ Union Office, above Gee's Restaurant.