Your new look SU – the story so far

This week, we are proud to unveil the initial stages of our new look and feel, as well as a brand new website which we hope will help provide you – our members – with a vastly improved user experience when the new term starts in September.

We strive to be an empowering, innovative and inclusive student-led Union; championing your interests and providing a community that is a home away from home, and quite frankly our current website and branding just didn’t cut the mustard.

Although we have worked our bottoms off to get our new site and branding ready for a soft launch this week, we will continue to refine both in time for our official launch at Freshers.

We know that a logo or identity is just a small part of the overall branding and reputation of our organisation and we are working just as hard behind the scenes on a number of areas including streamlining our democratic processes, expanding Course Rep support, relaunching our extended Advice Service and Volunteering programme and overhauling our Ideas System so you can submit ideas for change much more easily and keep track of its progress.

However we also know that a logo is the most recognisable device used to communicate with you – it’s essentially on the front line – and therefore we want it to reflect the new direction of your SU.


What does it mean?

Our new icon is all about you. The S (for students) puts you firmly at the heart of everything we do and the two faces reflect our student members - there's an apostrophe in Students' Union for a reason and yours belongs to all of you. Whether you are socialising, communicating, seeking advice, joining a Student Group, volunteering, gaining peer support or taking part in elections, we want you to engage. Engage with us, engage with the community, engage with the University and engage with your fellow students.

The three dots reflect what we can offer while you are studying at the University of Leicester.

Support. Opportunities. Voice

We will ensure that every single student has access to all of our services no matter who you are or where you come from and we will represent your student voice when it comes to your academic experience by lobbying the University to make positive change.


Our new website

As one of your elected President Amy Moran’s key manifesto points, we knew that the state of our website was something you cared about and that we really needed to make some big changes.

Our vision is to create a more active and inclusive Union with a powerful student-led voice and wanted our new website to reflect this as well as improving your interaction with the SU in a number of ways, including:

  • Improved control and functionality for Student Groups and sports clubs
  • Clear information about the reformed Advice Service to help you get the support you need during your time at Leicester
  • Online Ideas System that allows you to submit ideas for change and vote on these
  • Ability to sign-up for volunteering opportunities through the website and register hours
  • Personalised student journey and user profile throughout your studies
  • Improved methods of communication that is relevant to you using targeted lists
  • User-friendly integrated forms, polls and surveys
  • A mobile App (to be launched during Freshers’ Week)
  • More streamlined Election processes
  • Online shop for merchandise with Paypal option

As our new brand evolves, so will our website but we hope you agree that it is a giant step in the right direction.


The story behind the brand

The logo you are used to seeing was last updated in 2015 and the past three years have seen your SU go through lots of change – we no longer serve a commercial function and we have a new strategy which was created off the back of the ‘Your Union, Your Voice’ survey where we asked you to use your student voice to influence the future of your SU.

One of the key trends that came from the survey results was that we needed to improve our means of communication as well as many of you not knowing exactly what we do.

We also felt that our old logo was feeling quite dated and was holding us back in terms of creativity, and we often ended up feeling like the uncool uncle at a party when communicating with you.

Focus group

One of the first steps was to invite you all to attend a brand focus group to channel your student ideas where you provided us with valuable insight into what you think looks good - and we provided the coffee and Jaffa Cakes!




From this focus group, we took away loads of ideas around your preferences for colour palette, typefaces, style and illustrations and started working on the new brand that you will see evolve going forward.

Next steps

We’re excited to reveal our new logo and icon today and look forward to hearing your initial thoughts – so please head to our social media channels to share your feedback.

Look out for us during Freshers’ Week – when we will officially launch the new brand in all its glory and we will also be holding further focus groups with you to help us evolve the brand further. We will share details of these in the coming weeks so keep an eye on our social media.

Check out our FAQ page for more info about the rebrand and website






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