How We Can Help You


If you feel that you're in need of advice and guidance for whatever reason, you can talk to one of our friendly advisors. We provide a place to come to confidentially discuss your problems or concerns without fear of judgement or action being taken without your consent, unless there are safeguarding concerns.

We’ll listen and advise you on the best possible steps you can take for your circumstances, including talking you through processes, working with you on putting together the information you need to collate and reviewing your documents before you submit them. We’ll also highlight other services that we’d recommend you get support from and can help communicate your needs to other departments with your consent.  

You can speak with us in person, over the phone, email or Skype. You can book appointments in advance or drop-in during our opening hours 10:00 – 16:00 Monday to Friday. Get in touch with us today.

You can also take a look at our timetable which gives you an overview of when different support services and clinics run on campus throughout the year.

Are we part of the University?

We’re independent from the university and therefore ensure you are treated fairly in all that happens at university. We will not share information with the University unless you give us express consent to do so.

How is your information stored?

We record all information about you, your case or enquiry on an online professional case recording system that is hosted by a company external to the University and password protected. This means that nobody outside of the Advice Hub can access your file. We record notes we take when you speak with us, any work we do on your behalf, emails sent to and by us, and copies of documents that you may provide to us. This is to ensure that we keep an accurate record of your case that we can use to help inform our advice and support for you on an ongoing basis.

Your information and file will be destroyed 24 months after your expected graduation date. You are entitled to see any information held about you and we can provide you with your case file upon request. 

See our Consent and Confidentiality statement for further details.

Can we represent students at meetings?

We are able to represent students at meetings, panels and hearing in a supportive role which can include:

  • Talking you through the likely steps of the process prior to the meeting,
  • Providing emotional support and writing notes for you during the meeting and,
  • Discussing the content, outcomes and next steps following the meeting.

We are not able to speak for you in these meetings or answer questions on your behalf e.g. act as a representative or provide legal advice to you.