Leicester Talks


There are many support services here to help ensure you have the best possible time as a student at University. Leicester Talks is a directory of these services which includes the Students’ Union, University, student-led, community & online services. Whether you’re looking for academic advice, someone to chat to about your wellbeing, welfare guidance or a specific support group, there’s something for all your needs.  

It’s important that you feel comfortable and able to speak up about your problems before they get worse and impact your life and academic studies, hence the name Leicester Talks. You may usually speak with your family and friends to get the help you need, at University there can be challenges that require specialist support to ensure you understand the options you have available to you and that you get ongoing support.

You can also find a list of issues that you may need help with and the corresponding services that you can access regarding these here. 

Take a look at our timetable which gives you an overview of when different support services and clinics run on campus throughout the year. 







Do you need immediate help?

There is always somewhere where you can get support if you need it. If you are in urgent need of help, you can see recommendations of services available on the 24/7 and urgent support page. 

If you need to report an incident you can find out more details on reporting and which services can support you.

If you’re not sure which services to access, please get in touch with the Advice Service and we’ll point you in the right direction. We have a team of friendly, helpful staff waiting to hear from you, so don’t be a stranger.  Let’s talk – we’re here to help.