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Please register your interest for the 2022/2023 scheme HERE.

How do I become a Peer Mentor?

1. Register interest       2. Complete training       3. Sign up to matching system 

In order to be a Peer Mentor for the 2022/23 Peer Mentoring scheme, you must complete two-part training, if you have been a Mentor with this scheme previously, please see the information below the title ‘Returning Peer Mentor Training’ in the training section here.


Follow the link to register your interest and fill in your information.


Once you have registered interest, the Peer Mentoring Team will contact you with more information and give you access to the Peer Mentor training on Oppia. All Peer Mentoring training is now ONLINE.


When you have completed the training, the Peer Mentoring team will get back in touch to confirm the next steps. The team is currently finalising the Matching system for 2022/2023 and will contact trained Peer Mentors when this is ready.


If you have any questions regarding training for new Peer Mentors or Returning Peer Mentors, please email

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