Logical Learning Intelligence


Logical Study Skills:


When you have logical learning intelligence learning is often easier for you when you are able to quantify things (no matter what subject!), and it is a lot more logical for you to find evidence for a hypotheses rather than discuss a question. There are ways though you can tackle both through a logical learning style that can be used for revision in any subject.

1. Making Lists: 


For a logical learner, this is the most effective method of studying and essay planning and can be applied to a multitude of subjects.

  • You can make study material out of them, e.g. for statistics or facts
  • You can make an ordered agenda in order to effectively plan your time in a tick off list
  • You can make lists into categorised tables
  • You can split up your notes into for and against in order to structure your essay
  • You can use a list to identify paragraphs in a study plan



2. Relax and Focus Your Brain:


Before you start a study session or before a lecture make sure you have apps on your phone with your favourite strategic games or even brain teasers in relation to your subject. People with a logical intelligence thrive and receive dopamine from exercising the strategic part of their brain, plus it can be a fun little study break when you are tired or feeling your concentration starting to wander.


3. Timelines:


Please see: Visual Learning


4. Classify Your Notes:


It is easier for a logical learner to group their information, and not try to learn everything that has been talked about during a lecture. Therefore the best way to study would be categorise your notes from a lecture or from your reading finding a common denominator and then identify the key concepts in each of the categories, followed by identifying the cause and effect relationships between each of the categories. This will not only improve understanding of complex academic theories, but can improve the way you structure your essays.

Printable Worksheet

See diagram below of linear step-by-step:

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