Union Policy

One of the core functions of Student Council is to discuss, deabte and vote on ideas and policies that have been put forward by students. We have put together all of the current Union Policy into a ' Policy Booklet', if you wish any further information on any of the policies then email su-council@le.ac.uk 

Policy Lapse 2020

If a proposal is passed at Council it becomes Union Policy for three years upon which time it comes up for renewal. Therefore each year a number of the policies come up for renewal, council as a collective then decides whether they would like to keep them or not. The process for this is:-

·         Have a look at the Policy Lapse Booklet that lists all of the policies that are up for renewal this year.

·         If there is a policy you would like to keep you email su-council@le.ac.uk indicating that you would like to keep a policy by 9.00am on Thursday 5 March.

·         If no-one says that a policy should be renewed it is automatically lapsed at 9.00am on Thurday 5 March.

·         Where at least one student has indicated that a policy should be renewed it will be presented to council whereby a simple majority vote will result in the policy been kept for another three years.

·         You are unable to adapt or amend the policies if you would like to do this it is often better to lapse the policy and bring a new one forward through the ideas system.