Students’ Unions are one of the most democratic membership organisations in the UK. Every one of them has its own structure for debating ideas and campaigns and making decisions. They are run by students who are elected by students - and everyone can have their say.

We therefore runs a number of elections each year to elect these representatives including:

Executive Elections

Every year during second tearm students can decide who they want to represent them and their Students' Union by voting in the Executive Officer Elections.

Executive Officers are full-time, paid, officers in the Students’ Union and form the Leicester Students’ Union Executive Team. It’s their job to make sure the Union is the best it can be for all University of Leicester students.

There are five roles in total a Sports Officer, Activities Officer, President, Education Officer and Wellbeing Officer.  Each Officer has an area which they look after and they are all accountable to both the SU and the student body, which means they have to be transparent in everything they do and make sure that all the actions they take are supported by the students affected.


Part-Time Officer Elections

Part-Time Officer Elections also take place during second term.

Our Part-Time Officers each represent a section of the student population and are crucial to the future development of the Studens' Union. They seek to identify ways to improve the services provided to students whilst conducting research, running events and campaigns to enhance  students experience whilst at the University of Leicester.


Union Council Elections

We elect two Lead Union Representatives per department to sit on Union Council to represent the interests and opinions of students at the University of Leicester both within the University and, where appropriate to the wider community, thus improving the overall student experience.

These roles involve being the premier representative of your department, sitting on University Committees and having the opportunity to make real meaningful change. We also elect our Democratic Procedures Committee which oversees the operation of the democratic structures including elections ensuring that they are as open and accessible to students as possible


Course Rep Elections

Course Rep elections take place in the first term. Students within each department can vote for who they want to be their Course Rep - a voluntary role that helps encourage communication between students, the University and the Union thus improving the quality of the academic experience at Leicester.