Union Council Elections Voting Open till 3.00pm on Friday

Students’ Unions are one of the most democratic membership organisations in the UK. Every one of them has its own structure for debating ideas and campaigns and making decisions. They are run by students who are elected by students and everyone can have their say.

Our first set of elections are underway, voting is open till 3.00pm on Friday. To vote and also to see more details on the candidates who are running in the election visit  https://www.leicesterunion.com/voice/democracy/elections/autumntermelections2018/

What are the roles been elected?

  • Lead Union Representatives - the premier representative for their department and help campaign for and make positive changes to enhance the wider student experience e.g. Accommodation, Hidden Course Costs, Variety of Food on Campus, Library facilities, Water Fountains, Student Groups, Support services including Personal Tutors etc.. 
  • Part Time Officers  - represent and organise events/campaigns to promote the interests of relevant sections of the  students community such as womens, mature and part-time, postgraduate, and trans.
  • Democratic Procedures Committee - ensuring elections are fair and that our democratic structures are accessible to all students
  • Commuter Students Representative - represent commuter students and organise events/campaigns to promote postgraduate students interests.
  • Scrutiny Panel - hold elected representatives to account including the full time Executive Officers.
  • NUS National Conference Delegates - become our representative at the NUS National Conference that is taking place in April 2019

If you wish to find out more about the roles click on the name of the positions above, or email us at unioncouncil@le.ac.uk .

Course Rep Elections

Course Rep elections also open at 8.00am on Wednesday 17th October.  Students within each department can run for and vote for who they want to be their Course Rep - a voluntary role that helps encourage communication between students, the University and the Union thus improving the quality of the academic experience at Leicester. For more information on the visit our Course Rep webpages

Executive Elections

Every year during second tearm students can decide who they want to represent them and their Students' Union by voting in the Executive Officer Elections.

Executive Officers are full-time, paid, officers in the Students’ Union and form the Leicester Students’ Union Executive Team. It’s their job to make sure the Union is the best it can be for all University of Leicester students.

There are five roles in total: President, Education Officer, Sports Officer, Activities Officer and Wellbeing Officer.  Each Officer has an area which they look after and they are all accountable to both the SU and the student body, which means they have to be transparent in everything they do and make sure that all the actions they take are supported by the students affected.