Exec Officers Q&A


The Students’ Union holds weekly live Q&A sessions with our Executive Officers where you are able to ask any questions about your current experiences as a student. They take place on Tuesdays at 4.00pm on our Instagram Channels.

A summary of the key topics raised by students so far are included below, if you have any queries then get in touch with su-exec@le.ac.uk



Safety Net Policy -Benchmarks

  • University have brought in a Safety Net Policy that means they assess your performance to date (Benchmark) and that any assessments/exams taken in the coming weeks can only improve your overall average. You are though still required to pass the assignments/exams that you take. 
  • University is working on establishing benchmarks for different courses, communications are likely to come at the end of April to keep an eye out.
  • Schools should be communicating directly with you about assessments and how safety net policy will work, if not let us know.
  • For the start of the new term the Pro Vice Chancellor for Education, Graham Wynn, prepared a short clip alongside supporting communication explaining how benchmarks are established and what the safety net policies look like.
How can students raise concerns about their exams/assessments?
  • First port of call is the school as school as they should be sending communications regarding exams, if they aren’t responding get in touch with ourselves so we can lobby senior members of University or send it to Covidhelp@le.ac.uk they will take it forward.
What are the current rules with regard Mitigating Circumstances?

The university have relaxed the rules regarding mitigating circumstances including the requirement to submit documentary evidence. For further information visit our Covid-19 FAQ webpage and click on Mitigating Circumstances

Deferral of Studies

The University are currently looking at developing an option for students to be able to defer there studies, this would include those who aren’t satisfied with the format of the online assessments. Only thing Students’ Union is trying to clarify is what happens to the results from the first term if students defer, look out for more information about this in the coming weeks.

Future Classes/Teaching

Past week had meetings with University Executive Board and Leicester Learning Institute, they are adopting a strategy known as duel delivery a mix of on campus and off campus teaching, they are in process of writing this up of what this would look like. Really useful to hear from students about what the barriers are to access online teaching, and what your experiences have been so far, what has worked well, what could be improved? Unlikely that next year will have any large-scale lectures or classes.

PhD Students

We are working with university who have reached out to research councils so we can get potential funding for PhD students at this time, please send an email to su-exec@@le.ac.uk and tell us what we need to do to support you.

Distance Learning Students

If you are abroad and you country has different lockdown rules than the UK, it would be important to see how you are effected at this time. Please email su-exec@le.ac.uk

Support/Making Complaints

All University support services are still open get in touch with Welfare@le.ac.uk .  The Students’ Union Advice Service remain open details of how to get in touch with them can be found at https://www.leicesterunion.com/support/adviceservice/aboutus/covid19servicechanges/


Commences for one month from 27th April, keep any eye out on our social media channels and website for lots of activities designed to minimise stress as much as possible.

Fee Compensation

We are pushing for fees to be reimbursed; University is pushing back on us quoting government guidance that receiving online teaching means you are still getting service you paid for. We however are arguing that this isn’t the service that you were expecting. Still pushing locally and nationally for tuition fees reimbursements.

Making Complaints
  • If you want to submit a complaint about the impact COVID-19 has had on your studies, you are able to do so if you have teaching was not replaced by any alternative.
  • To submit a complaint you will need to complete the form found at this page.
  • If you would like someone to check through your form before submission, feel free to send a draft copy to the Advice Service via advice@le.ac.uk .

University planning to do separate ceremony for those who would have graduated this summer, likely to be in January and July next year, these will be separate ceremonies from the 2021 cohort. For full details visit our Covid-19 FAQ webpage and click on Mitigating Circumstances

Medical Students

Online oath ceremony taking place in May, looking at ways of making this an enjoyable and engaging event for you as students, you will still though be able to attend graduation later the same as everyone else.


We are still working with NUS, writing to local Council and lobbying MPs to get involved, as students are still being required to pay rent in private rented accommodation. Unfortunately, unless contracts have a specific exit clause, students are legally bound to continue paying their rent. The Government has not as yet made any statements with regards to this. Therefore, our advice at this time, is to continue to pay rent as you are legally bound to. If you are in financial difficulty as result of this, in a first instance you could seek support from University Welfare as a hardship fund has been put in place

  • SU have been working hard with SULETS to free students from their contracts, SULETS have agreed for this and most students should have an email from them saying you can released from their contracts.
  • Where SULETS are managing properties on behalf of landlords they are getting them to release students in houses communication should be happening soon in this regard.
Renting Private Sector
  • Lot of students have raised concerns,  Students’ Union has in conjunction with University sent a letter to all landlords asking them to release students from their tenancies if the students wish.  Response from this has been a bit hit and miss, therefore Students’ Union getting in touch with local MPS’s John Ashworth who has written to secretary of State for Housing and Education Minister about issues, Oge has requested letter be made public
  • City Councillor going to look into this for us as well.
  • In light of agents not been receptive to this then have asked University to widen access to the hardship fund, University is open to this and to apply or get more details email Welfare@le.ac.uk
  • For more information including a copy of a template letter that you can send to your landlord visit our Covid-19 FAQ webpage and click on Private Accommodation
Still in Accomodation/Safety Bus
  • If need anything, big or small to get in touch with staff, also supporting students in private halls, need help let us know, plenty of people who are still working for University that can help.
  • Now running a mutual aid service for students still in University Accommodation Service, if any students are self-isolating for medical reasons, Safety Bus can help with picking up medicine supplies, shopping etc. Can access it through the SU website.
Financial Support for Students

Raised this concern with University as a lot of students have lost their part time jobs, therefore asked University to widen access to Hardship Fund, look at this making it more accessible to International students.

How do we access Hardship Fund

Email Welfare@le.ac.uk to access hardship Fund and for general support, signposting on from there, counselling is still running on-line as well.

Gym Mambership Refunds

We have been in talks with the Sports department and all gym memberships have been suspended but we are For annual memberships students will get some money back, however refunds can only be processed once campus has reopened, keep an eye out for further information soon. In the meantime if you have any questions get in touch with su-exec@le.ac.uk

Upcoming Events
Leics Celebrate You and Student Voice Award

Though we had originally planned for a drinks reception, speakers, food and entertainment, as well as the awards themselves, the light of recent global events, this year's events will be held online. Nominations are now open for both awards and this is an opportunity for us to celebrate and recognise some of the exceptional individual representatives, volunteers and student groups.  To find out more information about the awards including how you are to nominate yourself or others visit



Q&A Session with University Exec Board

Asked for a Q&A session with Exec Board of University directly and really and enable you to talk to them directly about this, did one for staff, quite receptive to it towards end of April.

What’s the situation with Sports Awards?

Mia has put forward to see if students still wanted to do it later in the year, looking at 7th and 24th October.