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    An Official UoL Discord Server

      Currently a new discord server is underway with now over 130 members in the server. It was created in the purpose to interconnect with one another via finding new flatmates, coursemates and people with similar interests such as societies. Therefore, as one of the three admins submitting this idea. We would like an official status as the official UoL discord server. Because of Coronavirus, this is more needed than ever as the internet serves as a safe space for students to interact with one another in a time of difficult social isolation. We have set rules which of course are discord's rules but also, specific rules for the UoL. The admins have received excellent feedback from the members themselves and we are working to keep improving the server. The reason for the creation was that there were too many WhatsApp group chats for each individual subject, accomodation, etc. Thus, we decided to condense everything, into one large server! It will function much better that may be advertised by the Student's Union and the University itself. Thank you for reading and here is a link to access the server. The server may expire after one day - email me, if there any issues, concerns or anything worth mentioning.
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