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    Get rid of the Quorum for Student Union Referendums


      Student Union referendums are required to get a minimum of 1000 votes for a referendum result to be binding, this is called a Quorum and it needs to be gotten rid of for 3 key reasons. 1) It is anti-democratic and ensures that people who didn’t vote have more of an impact over the outcome of a referendum than the people who actually voted. 2) It is not needed, the option to abstain exists so if Student’s feel indifferent to the referendum they can vote to abstain. 3) It is pointless, because no other Student's Union elections have a Quorum anyway, yet their legitimacy is just as valid. So there is no reason why a Student referendum without the Quorum would be any less valid than any other Student Union elections. Simply put, the Quorum serves to impede democracy and should be scrapped for any further Student Union referendums.

    Hollie Patricia Anne Fletcher
    6:58am on 25 Mar 21 I think you are right, with the recent referendum to put forward a vote of no confidence in the VC we only just got enough votes for it to be passed. Regardless of the amount of voters it should always be professionally responded to!

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