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      Up until recently, there has only been 1 place on central campus to get free hot water - a single kettle downstairs in the Students' Union, or that was until that kettle went missing. Now, there's nowhere to get free hot water anywhere around uni, which is irritating considering the price of a simple cup of tea is £1.30 from the Library Cafe, and hot water on its own is 50p. As students on a budget, the sensible solution to this problem is to bring your own tea bags or coffee and milk, use hot water on campus and make a hot drink FOR FREE. Until the Union provides free hot water accessible to all students, this won't be a reality. The fact that the union doesn't provide free hot water facilities further shows that they care more about the profit their outlets make than the quality of life for their students. It might seem like a small trivial thing, but on a cold day when you're in uni 9-5, a cup of tea every now and then is the boost you need, but paying for hot water is a barrier that prevents students from doing this. As winter approaches too, it'd be useful to be able to make medicinal hot drinks (like Lemsip) without paying 50p for the privilege. Hot water taps, free hot water from union outlets or kettles in multiple accessible places around campus would be ideal solutions to this problem and would make uni feel more like home. I think that free hot water available to students on campus would be an excellent addition to student life in Leicester.
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