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Jack McDonald- Activities Officer 2022/24   JACK McDONALD- OFFICER Profile  Course:  Mathematics MMath    Hometown    A village just outside of Leicester called Stoney Stanton      How do you think your friends and family would best describe you?        Some people have said I am quite energetic, friendly and inquisitive.    What inspired you to become an Exec Officer?        After being directly involved in a number of societies, collaborating with a variety of other student groups and even creating my own. I then volunteered on the Student Union side with the societies council (who approve new student group requests) so I feel that I have a lot of insight into what student groups need. I realised that an Activities Officer is someone who can help to have an impact in these ways.


What can you offer students in your role?    A massive part of the university student experience for many are the societies and co-curricular activities that we can get involved with. I'm here to make sure that your experience is as great as it can be so that you can really have a great time while studying!       What is the most important change you want to make this year?     I am working to make the journey that all student groups make in a year as smooth as possible. Better support and development in the year. A different off-boarding process so when you leave your roles, there's a transitionary process and further guidance. As well as a change in how we create student groups so it's easier, and newer groups are more easily able to continue for future years. (As well as a bunch of other projects!)       Hobbies and Interests: I discovered Rugby League at University, haven't looked back!    Radiohead is my favourite band.      A Song of Ice and Fire is the best book series.    I might have got back into building LEGO during the pandemic and my wallet has not forgiven me since.



Semester 1 (22/23)


•Student Group Funding

. We received lots of Grant Funding Applications and the New Student Group Starter Fund has been launched with help from the newly formed Societies Council.



. An incentive to encourage student groups to collaborate and work together on projects.


•Room Booking and Facilities

. Resource Booker is being revamped and porters are receiving updated training to ensure student groups are able to access facilities and space a lot easier.


•Event Communications (Sticky Campus)

. Initiated discussions with the University about conducting a comms audit to see how students are already beign communicated with and how we can better promote events.


•Sustainability PTO and Green Bubble

. Recruited our first Sustainability Officer off the back of successful election delivered by the Voice team. Will be working with them on Green Bubble to discuss sustainability on campus.



. Collaborated with the University to arrange our participation in Movember. £10,104 was raised by student groups and staff for Men's Health.


•RAG Month Participation

. In February, we will be fundraising for lots of different courses. This semester we have been preparing.

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