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Image of Nic Farmer, Liberation Officer 2022/23    About me. Hey everyone! My name is  Nic and I am your Liberation Officer for 2022/23. Course: Psychology. Hometown: South London. How do you think your friends and family would describe you? They would say I’m funny, passionate and caring.    What inspired you to become an Executive Officer? I really enjoyed working with the SU and being able to create my own events. It honestly felt like the perfect next step for me to be an executive officer. I’m so passionate about liberation, I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do.


What can you offer students in your role? I can offer transparency, communication and  assertiveness. When it feels  like there is not a voice in  your corner, I want to be there  to make sure you do. Communication and transparency is key to my job, I want to regularly update students on the work I am doing and regularly collect feedback.    What is the most important change you want to make this year? Liberation covers so many different areas, the priority is to empower more students on campus to discover their inner activist. I would love to see an increase in students coming forward to create their own campaigns and events on issues that matter to them.    Hobbies & interests. I have a YouTube channel so I like editing and uploading videos as well as taking picture sometimes. I am a beginner gamer – I am still in love with GTA V and anything Lego-based. Journey was also a very beautiful game to play.  Series- Attack on Titan, Bob’s Burgers, Bojack Horseman, Rick and Morty and Grace and Frankie (guilty pleasure!)  albums- Made in Lagos- Wizkid, Blonde- Frank Ocean, Blue Water Road- Kehlani



Semester 1


•Black Students Matter Conference

. Took students to the conference in Birmingham to discuss EDI issues and decolonisation within education.


•Black History Month

. Arranged and delivered lots of events such as offering free haircuts as well as lots of other workshops and talks.


•Mitigating Circumstances

. Fought for lots of new Mit Circs as well as self-certifications, and filmed an Instagram reel to simplify the process.


•Leics Decolonise

. Arranged and delivered a range of events surrounding the topic of decolonisation within education.


•Gender Options on MyStudentRecord

. Students are now able to use "other" as an option for gender. Now working on expanding that to add a self-identification text box.


•Trans Day of Remembrance

. Vigil held in collaboration with DMU as well as stall to encourage discussion and acknowledgement.


•Disability History Month and IDPWD

. Held a stall with the University to talk to students about what we are doing for disabled students.


•LGBT+ Allyship Training

. Continued for students and toolkit and training date launched for staff.


•LGBT Housing and Pronoun Surveys

. Gathered various samples of data surrounding pronoun use across the student body and whether students would be interested in LGBT specific housing.


•Queer Corner

. Launched blog for our LGBT+ students to have a creative platform. Find out how to submit your article here.

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