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Archie Robinson, President 2023/24    About  Course: Politics and International Relations  Hometown: the Wirral (near Liverpool!)  How do you think your friends best describe you?: Honest, Trustworthy, Passionate    What inspired you to become an Executive Officer?: The idea to make change on such a large scale was so important to me. Having studied Politics at the University, my passion for policy and campaigning was brought to life,m and being able to produce this on a large scale to our students is second to none! Having been Sports Officer for a year, I learnt all the necessary skills to push me into the President role, and I cannot wait to work to make the University of Leicester a better place for everyone.


What can you offer students in your role? Passion and dedication. I am the type of person to continue fighting for what I and other people believe in to ensure we are being represented properly by the University and the Union. I am a highly dedicated individual and will endlessly try to make sure your voice is heard and acted on as your President. But also, I do enjoy a laugh! I am more than happy to get involved in your events and give everything a go!    What is the most important change you want to make this year? It is so hard to narrow it down to one! I would say for the Union, its to make our democratic structures more effective and representative of what students want/need! Making big changes to Student Council and Elections is a key priority of mine. As for the University, its working with them to ensure an effective Cost of Living campaign for all students! Mobilising the campaign to make it more available for students as well as becoming more informative on different areas, such as cooking classes!    Hobbies and Interests  What you like doing in your spare time: In my spare time I am a semi-pro futsal player and coach!  Favourite Series: How I Met Your Mother  Favourite Song/s : That’s Life (Frank Sinatra)



Semester 1 (Rhiannon 22/23)


•Student Cost of Living


. Wrote to local MPs advocating for students to be included in the next Cost of Living budget.

. Worked with the University to introduce a Cost of Living Hub which is filled with resources and advice as well as how to apply for the Cost of Living Award.


•Sticky Campus


. Actions from the first Sticky Campus conference have been implemented.

. Delivered second Sticky Campus conference with over 50 students attending to give their feedback.


•Passport Engagement Scheme


. 100% of Team Leicester clubs and lots of societies have engaged with the scheme and rewards have been given to monthly winners.


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