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Archie Robinson, Sports Officer 2022/2023    Officer Profile: ARCHIE ROBINSON  Course: Politics and International Relations      Hometown: The Wirral (Near Liverpool!)     How do your friends and family would best describe you?: Enthusiastic, passionate and having a drive to succeed.   What inspired you to become an Exec Officer?: Following being the Club Captain of Futsal for two years, I have been able to witness first-hand the barriers in place for people to partake in sport. This made me realise that there was room for positive change for sport at our University and I felt as though due to my experience I would be able to bring that forward! Sport has been my favourite thing at University and I want to make sure everyone else can share a similar experience!


What can you offer students in your role?: Enthusiasm! Having been involved in elite sport since the age of 16, I bring a wealth of passion and enthusiasm to the Sports Officer role! My belief is that sport should be one of the most inclusive sectors in the University, and by raising your concerns and promoting your voice as students, I believe we can work together to give everybody an opportunity in sport!        What is the most important change you want to make this year? Increasing the engagement in sport amongst all groups at university is a major part of my plan for the year. I will have a core focus on the promotion of inclusivity in the hope that a greater proportion of students feel as though they can be a part of the sporting family at the University by providing opportunities for all!      Hobbies and Interests: In my spare time I am a semi-pro futsal goalkeeper playing for Leicester! Albeit this takes up the majority of my evenings but I do love a pub quiz and I am a keen artist!



July 2022

SUMMER WIN: From the start of the new term, the shuttle bus to Oadby will be free to all students on Wednesday afternoons and run to Stoughton playing fields! This means you can support your friends and Team Leicester clubs as they compete across the BUCS season and pick up points.

In July, I:


•Engaged with Club Captains to work on Student Group development


•Instigated a working plan to create a Sport Leadership Programme for Liberation Groups


•Currently working on finding a solution for those who struggle with travel to fixtures and training


•Creating a Sports Prospectus and Club Values document for Team Leicester clubs


•Revamped the Sports Council model


•Worked with Campus Services to ensure travel to and from Oadby will be free and run later to ensure student safety


•Sat and Spoke at the Graduation Ceremonies!


•Attended the NUS conference


•Worked with Sport and Active Life and the Union staff to acquire a new Team Leicester Mascot


•Produced a template promotion page for the Union webpage


•Completed the University induction


•Completed the Union Inductions


•Instigated a careers in Sport Programme


•Oversaw facility arrangements for clubs training and games


•Observed a Trustee Board meeting


•Sat on Freshers and Onboarding working groups


•Worked with a Student and Sport and Active life to work on inclusive sport at our University


•Collated ideas from clubs and Club Captains for how we can improve our sporting offer


•AND started my role officially as Sports Officer!
August/September 2022


•The Re-introduction of the Activities Minibus

Worked with SU senior leadership team to find a solution for clubs who need extra travel to and from events, and now have minibus bookings available!



•To Advocate for New Gym Equipment in the University Gyms

Worked with Sport and Active Life to help choose new gym equipment (yes, squat racks are coming!) for Danielle Brown and Roger Bettles.



•The Creation of a Team Leicester Club Sports Prospectus

Created a Club Sports Prospectus in order to showcase all of our Team Leicester Clubs!



•Oadby and Campus Sports Fairs

Helped facilitate our SU fairs for sports this year, with record attendance!



•Erg Room

Liaised with Boat Club and the SU senior leadership team to find a new solution for a new erg room.



•Fixture of the week

Created a new incentive to ensure more students go and support our sports clubs each week!



•Team Leicester Training Day

Worked with Sport and Active Life to ensure we deliver a successful training day for over 150 committee members



•Held Sports Council

Held the first sports council and identified the key priorities of change



•Worked on the Passport Engagement Scheme with Rhiannon and Jack

Worked and gave stamps to all our engaged groups!

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