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   Hoor Pathan, Wellbeing Officer 2022/2023  Course: LLB Law with Politics  Hometown: Leicester   How do you think your friends and family would best describe you? My friends and family would describe me as ambitious, funny, considerate, and passionate. I take pride in my personal and professional achievements, and I love to help others.   What inspired you to become an Exec Officer? What inspired you to become an exec? From a very young age I have been involved in various projects and roles focused at empowering young people to shape the services they use, including working with European Parliament to engage young people in decision making. I was very inspired by the Union and previous officers’ work to ensure students are involved. I hope to build upon it and put students at the heart of decision making.    

What can you offer students in your role? Students can rest assured that I will always fight their corner and encourage them. I hope to be a listening ear to your concerns and relay these to decision makers to make change happen. I can offer students my experience of working with international governments - taking those skills and ensuring students have the best possible experience at the University and within the Union!      What is the most important change you want to make this year? Undoubtedly, the biggest challenge the student community is currently facing is the cost of living crisis. I’d like to ensure students are supported with initiatives like a food bank and support resources. I also want mental and emotional wellbeing, and the freedom to be yourself, to be at the forefront of all our services - so students feel supported in their life choices. I want to empower you and take you on this journey with me - please feel free reach out to me at hp362@leicester.ac.uk     Hobbies and Interests: I love Football - you'll find me at most Leicester City games cheering on the Foxes. I’m also a massive Formula 1 and Cricket fan.   I really enjoy cinema trips with family and friends (mostly watching Marvel movies) and I’m currently catching up on Disney+ shows.   I also love music (mainly pop) and going to concerts whenever I can!



June 2022

This was ‘handover’ month - a chance for me to shadow the outgoing Wellbeing Officer and see how they carried out the role, what key relationships they built with various people and departments across the Union and University, how they managed their time and priorities, and learn more about the role.

In June I did the following:


•Attended various SU inductions and trainings such as HR, Microsoft 365, Marketing, Conflict Resolution and many more.


•Had the opportunity to meet the staff working within the Union and explored how we can work together on various projects and campaigns.


•Worked with Voice Team to set SMART goals for my manifesto priorities for the upcoming year.


•Attended my first ever Trustee Board to get accustomed to the process and format. Some key points from this Trustee Board meeting were the final work updates from your outgoing Executive Officers, and discussions about the 2021/22 budgets.


•Attended various University Committees which I will be sitting on once I commence my role.


•Participated in a review of the University’s Student Support Services.


•Attended University Induction, in which I had the chance to hear from various University stakeholders and look at avenues of collaborative working between Union and University.
July 2022

This was my first official month as your Wellbeing Officer! A significant proportion of this month was focused around Graduations, including my own, and I had the opportunity to share special moments with lots of our students as they celebrated their success and received their degrees. I also started meeting with relevant staff at the University to work on my priorities for this year, some of which are:


•Inclusive social events


•Accessible spaces on campus,


•Student safety


•Financial wellbeing


In July I did the following:


•Worked with your Executive Officers to plan our joint and individual campaigns and areas of work for the upcoming year, including working on timescales, identifying challenges, and looking at where we can collaborate to maximise the impact and support that we can provide to students!


•Participated in various Graduation Ceremonies as part of the Stage Procession.


•Delivered a speech at a Graduation Ceremony.


•Completed my Law degree and Graduated myself!


•Worked with your Liberation Officer to plan our Wellbeing & Inclusion Forum structure.


•Sat on Programme Approval Panel for a new course being introduced at the University.


•Filmed content for University training videos on Sustainability.


•Held introductory meetings with University’s Standing Together team to discuss priorities for the year.


•Attended a Centenary Event with various University and external stakeholders.
August 2022

This was a month where we continued to receive various trainings to ensure that we were prepared to deliver the best results for our students. I also had the chance to attend external events, meet with other Wellbeing/Welfare Execs, and look at ways to work with other Unions and other Officers on collective change. I also continued to meet with relevant stakeholders to work on exciting new project and campaign ideas, and to ensure that wellbeing and support initiatives are implemented across the board before we welcome students back to campus soon!


In August I did the following:


•Attended NUS ‘Lead & Change’ conference in Leeds, where I was able to meet with other new (and returning) Officers from across the country, explore key issues affecting students nationally, develop ideas, network with others, and build a strong relationship with other Officer teams.


•I assisted with the recruitment process for a Creative Communications Coordinator within the Union.


•Assisted with recruitment for a new role within Support/Advice at the Union.


•Accompanied your Activities Officer to meet with some Faith-based Societies/Student Groups.


•Met with University’s Support Services to discuss changes around campus/facilities.


•Worked with your President on developing our Cost of Living working strategy, and identifying individual areas of work, support, challenges, and more.


•Participated in an Inclusive Learning Audit alongside your Liberation Officer.


•Sat on another Programme Approval Panel for a new Masters course being introduced.


•Held meetings to further develop my ideas for Financial Wellbeing and Accessible Spaces.


•Attended Ethical Finance training alongside your Activities Officer.


•Received Carbon Literary training and identified individual and group actions to reduce our carbon footprint.


•Filmed social media content for A-Level Results Day.


•Held meetings to explore International Students’ Experience and continue efforts started by previous Activities Officer to improve support and resources for International Students.


•Received Disclosure training.


•Received Anti-Semitism Awareness training.
September 2022

This was such an exciting month as we neared the start of term and prepared for the return of you all back to campus (welcome back to everyone who’s returning, and a big hello to everyone who is new to our Leicester family!)


The month was largely spent preparing for, and delivering Freshers! Prior to the start of term, I also met with University colleagues to discuss some of my projects/campaigns further so that I can continue delivering the best possible outcomes for you all.


In September I did the following:

- Worked with Advice to recruit a new staff member who will be leading on proactive outreach and engagement work!

- Worked with University Communications team to create & film content about the new smoking shelter provision across Campus (which was introduced based on student + staff feedback!)

- Met with the Conduct Office to start exploring ways we can support students through better communication between SU and Conduct Office.

- Developed and approved a Spiking Awareness Campaign to promote student safety during Freshers week

- Co-hosted 3 Matriculations with University colleagues to welcome students.

- Supported the delivery of Support & Representation Fair, Activities Fair, Commercial Fair and Feel Good Friday (a long week but so good to see so many students across Freshers week)

- Worked with the University to continue developing our response to global conflicts and other issues.

- Developed my Breakfast scheme including identifying a location and pricing of goods.

- Conducted an Instagram Live to discuss Wellbeing and Support across the University & Union, alongside sharing exciting developments such as the Wellbeing Hub!

- Attended Trustee Board and presented on my priorities and key areas of work for the year.

- Met with PVC Education to explore joint-up working opportunities and raise students’ concerns.

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