Union Council Elections

Why do we have elections?

The Students' Union is an independent and democratic organisation and a charity. We represent you and your best interests while you are studying with the University of Leicester.

Students decide who will run and lead our Union so elections are your chance to be part of something big, have some fun, and shape your Students' Union. 

What is Union Council?

It's a regular event where any student can raise issues that impact their student experience. Click here to find out more about Union Council. 

What's in it for you? 

Being a part of Union Council has loads of benefits, here's just a few: 

  • Gain formal recognition through the Representation Accrediation Scheme and the Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR)
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Build lots of different skils such as:
    • Problem solving
    • Public speaking
    • Leadership
    • Lobbying
    • Project management

When do nominations open?

Nominations for Union Council are open until midday on Friday 13th October. You can see the full timetable here and you can nominate yourself here

What can I nominate myself for? 

Positions include: Part Time Officers, Scrutiny Panels and Union Council Representatives who sit on the zones in addition to the NUS National Conference delegation elections.  The roles are seen as crucial to the future development of the Union and are designed to allow you to continue with your studies whilst carrying out your role. For further details on each of the positions click on the links below:-  

When does voting open?

Voting opens on Thursday 19th October and closes on Friday 20th October.

Results are announced on Monday 23 October at 6pm in the Union Diner, Students’ Union!

How do I vote?

Once voting opens, you will be able to vote through the following options:

  • Your unique fast-track link, which will be e-mailed to you once voting opens
  • Through your Union account by signing in during voting and visiting leicesterunion.com/votenow
  • Setting up a new Union account, activating your account and visiting leicesterunion.com/votenow

You can download a guide with the information on how to vote by clicking here.

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