Why do we have elections?

The Students' Union is an independent and democratic organisation and a charity. We represent you and your best interests while you are studying with the University of Leicester.

Students decide who will run and lead our Union so elections are your chance to be part of something big, have some fun, and shape your Students' Union. 

What is an Executive Officer?

Every year, a team of students are elected by you to work as your representatives and form part of the Executive Team. There are five, full time paid officers who look after specific areas in the Union.

These roles are paid and the students who are elected each year will either be mid-course and taking a year out from their studies, or a recent graduate.

It’s their job to make sure the Union is the best it can be for all University of Leicester students.

Each officer has an area which they look after and they are all accountable to both the SU and the student body, which means they have to be transparent in everything they do and make sure that all the actions they take are supported by the students affected.

As well as your five, full-time officers, there are nine part-time representatives. Once elected by you, these students take up their part-time role alongside their studies.

Can I Run?

Any University of Leicester student can run in the SU elections.

If you're in your final year of study you can take the position as a full time job/graduate role. If you're still studying, you pause your degree while you take up the post.

What are the roles?

We have five sabbatical positions to ensure effective and widespread representation.

Full details of the roles are below:


Click here to nominate yourself for one of the executive officer roles.

You can also find out more about what the roles entail by emailing: Ian Bruce or getting in touch with our current officers Mollie Henstock or Carrie Young

The full elections timetable can be found here