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Hello! Welcome to the LARP Soc Student Union page. I’m Toby, the President of LARP Soc for this year. We were able to become much more active as a society last year 2021/22 and so we're eager to engage more members and hold more events this year.

If you’re interested in joining our Discord is:

We also have a Facebook page:

We also send out communications via the mail list which you can sign up to on the right side of this page. 

Below is information about what LARP is, what we as a society do and a little information on our committee members.


LARP, if you don’t already know, stands for Live Action Role Play (it is sometimes shortened to LRP instead) and can generally be understood to be an RPG video game or tabletop game but acted out, by you, in real life. There are loads of different types of LARP, from Vampires to Steampunk, to Sci-Fi, to Fantasy and really to any area you can think of (though the largest and most prominent LARPs are usually Medieval Fantasy LARPs). There are many active LARPS throughout the UK which operate with various sizes and structures. Some of the largest, such as Profound Decision’s “Empire” LARP consist of well over 2000 people participating in a collective story and world. Smaller LARPs can consist of a few dozens or even less.

Popular representations of LARP such as that in the ‘Role Models’ movie are not a terribly good representation of UK LARP as American systems differ massively in many areas and each system even within the UK changes a huge amount depending on what the system is about and who runs it.

If you have any questions about LARP in general please do message us on the Discord or simply talk to us and we’ll endeavour to answer your questions.

How we plan to run

There are two primary activities we are going to be running this year. Crafting sessions and combat training. However, we will also be running sporadic social meet ups throughout the year.

Craft Sessions:

These will be our primary weekly sessions and will be centered around the creation of kit for LARP events. On commitee we have some experience with the making and procurement of kit so we will be avaliable to help. As well as this though this time will be the time to chat all things LARP. This includes discussion of what LARP systems to join, character ideas, roleplay advice, and (if we know enough about them) advice for partcipating in specific systems such as Empire.

Combat Training:

Our combat training will be primarly run on Sunday afternoons on a field near the Oadby Student Accommodation. It will be based on Empire LRP's comabt system as that is the system we are currently most familiar with. The skills should be largely transferable to any medieval based combat system though. Even if you don't intend on doing combat at your chosen LARP we recommend you consider coming along a few times as the basics will aid understanding (and survivablity) in any system where there is combat. If you investigate a LARP with a different combat system and would like to practise with that do let us know and we'll be happy to aid in practice with that.

The Committee

As we’re a relatively new society we currently only have four members of committee. We’re all really excited to be going into this year. We are all fantasy medieval LARPers with varying amounts of experience in LARP. We range from nearly 4 years of experience attending events to someone who was thwarted from being able to attend their first events these past few years.

Daniel Knight (he/him) - President:

  • Hey I’m Daniel, the president for LARP soc this year. I’m a fourth year physicist who’s been LARPing for about 5 years now. I started attending the Empire LRP in my gap year before coming to uni and have enjoyed every minute of LARP since. I’m primarily a medieval/fantasy LARPer but I’d be really interested to hear about other genres and systems people may be wanting to get into, or are already involved in. If any of you know the Empire system, I currently play within the nation of Dawn.

Samuel Tosh (he/him) - Secretary:

  • Hi I’m Samuel, a third year Physics Bsc student. Unlike the veterans Daniel and Evan I am completely new to LARPing as a hobby and was introduced by them, so I’ll be learning rather than teaching this year. However, I play a lot of DnD, which has given me a crash course to roleplaying. I love a bit of medieval/fantasy setting and will probably be joining Daniel and Evan in the ‘Empire’ LARP, but I am very interested in steampunk/dieselpunk as well.

Kira Armstrong (they/them) – Treasurer:

  • Hi, I’m a second year mechanical engineering student who joined LARP Soc last year with the intention of taking part in Empire LRP. I’m the treasurer this year and while I haven’t been to a LARP event yet, I play Dungeons and Dragons and have a keen interest in sci-fi and fantasy.

Evan Whelan (they/them)  - Wellbeing & Inclusivity:

  • Greetings, Like two f the others here I am a physics student and like the other two am a massive fan of sci-fi, science fantasy and fantasy as a whole. I’ve been larping for a year now and wholeheartedly recommend the hobby to anyone who’s interested in RP games like DnD or other systems. I joined the hobby from the similar(ish) hobby of medieval reenactment which I've been doing for several years. I shall be responsible for the wellbeing and inclusion for marginalised groups. LARP is a very inclusive hobby to folks from all walks of life and, we will try our hardest to all regardless of race, religion, gender identity, sexuality and those with disabilities.

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