Committee Training

To help everyone learn the ins and outs of running a Committee, we have developed a range of training modules. All committee members must complete the five compulsory modules (listed below) before September 1st 2023.

Remember - even if you did training last year, you must complete it each year you are on committee!

23.24 Committee Training


Compulsory Non Compulsory
  • Your Time on Committee
  • Running Student Group Events
  • Student Group Financial Management
  • Wellbeing for Student Groups
  • Inclusion for Student Groups
  • Understanding the Union Website
  • Marketing for Student Groups
  • Student Group Handover and Affiliation


Our Advice Team have also created a short guidance on helping nervous students engage with your group! Something that seems easy for one student might be overwhelming to another so check this out to see how you can make your group more inclusive for everyone. Click here to read more. JMSU is referenced in this document and refers to John Moores Students' Union.

Once you have read through the core training below, click here to complete the quiz! After you have scored full marks (25 points), your training will be recorded.


23/24 Compulsory Modules

Content Summary

Your Time on Committee
  • The Activities & Volunteering Team
  • Understanding your Responsibilities
  • Your Privileges
    • Room Bookings
    • Transport
    • Equipment Booking


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Wellbeing for Student Groups
  • Recognising Signs of Concern
  • How to Escalate
  • Services Avaliable


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Student Group Financial Management
  • Managing your Student Group Finances
  • Your Student Group Funding Account
  • Raising money for your Student Group
  • Raising money for Charity
  • Applying for Grant Funding
  • Getting Sponsorship for your Student Group


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Running your Student Group Events
  • Preparing to run an event
  • Running the Event: Documentation
  • Running the Event: Extra Considerations
  • On the day
  • Evaluating the Event
  • Events Planning guide


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Inclusion for Student Groups
  • Key Concepts
  • Making your Student Group a Safe and Inclusive Space


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We will be introducing more Non-Compulsory Modules throughout the Summer!

23/24 Non-Compulsory Modules

Content Summary



Student Group Handover & Affiliation Documents
  • Student Group Handover
  • How to fill in:
    • Constitution
    • Risk Assessment
    • Inventory
Understanding the Union Website
  • The Admin Panel
  • Sending Emails
  • Setting up Events
  • Creating a Brand
  • Creating Content on a range of platforms
  • Safe Social Media Practices



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