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Welcome to MedRIFT society! 
MedRIFT, Medical Research into Future Technologies, is a student-staff group set up in 2015 with two joint purposes:
1) To give direct input into the technology-enhanced learning that happens in the Medical School
2)To explore and, where possible, trial, develop and research emerging technologies which may impact medical study and practice.

As evidence of our success in research, our members have gone on to present at a variety of Conferences at Universities all over the country such as: Newcastle, Swansea, Birmingham, UEA, Leicester, Glasgow... Including numerous presentations and awards won at the ASME National Conference for Medical Education.

We are also very active in the University, having an impact from the inside, through sending students to numerous Student-Staff meetings. 


How do I join MedRIFT?
- Bi-Weekly meetings
- Flexible come-as-you-like policy
- Day and time this year TBC (keep an eye on this space and sign up to our email list!)
- Likely to be running virtually throughout Semester 1

Why should I be interested in MedRIFT?
- Great chance to meet like-minded people
- Opportunity to get involved in research for all skill sets
- Chance to try new technologies
- Good for CV (Conference presentation/poster as publication, Certificate of contribution at end of year)
- Food at every meeting

What types of people do we have in MedRIFT?

The Creators 
Have any tech skills e.g. coding, video editing, etc? You will be highly valued in our team!

The Visionaries
Every good project starts with an idea! Even if you have no previous tech experience, we need people who can brainstorm/ direct/ create new projects this year.

The Enthusiasts
Inquisitive to experience for yourself some new technologies? Come along to our sessions and learn how to use Oculus rift, HTC Vive and more!

The Committee...
Have any particular questions? Just drop us a message (see list of current committee below)

Our Staff Supervisor Terese Bird is the engine that makes MedRIFT the interesting, innovative society that it is. She is always coming up with new opportunities for us to be involved in, and is a great asset to the student body.

Get involved: Our Projects


MedRIFT members have a history of going on to develop excellent Education Platforms, such as Teach Me Anatomy that has gone on to start an empire of “Teach Me” Apps. And now we have the new SimpleMed, An entirely FREE platform for Medical Students to learn and revise Medicine more easily, with concept-based articles and free multiple choice quizzes! Founded by Marcus Judge and fellow Med Students, SimpleMed is specifically tailored to the Leicester Curriculum, and within one year has become used globally.  

It will help massively with your studies, so do check it out below:


SimpleMed Homepage

360° Video VR

Editing existing footage of clinical learning film in both 2D and 3D. Training in iMovie and Adobe Premiere Pro will be given.

We own a GoPro Omni and Adobe editing and have been using these to create a number of medical videos including:
- “Distractions on a ward round”
- “Operation in 360”
- “Deteriorating Patients: How to respond”

Many of these projects still need work and editing, plus this year we hope to expand into new filming areas!

See More Videos

3D Printing

Helping to print and finish models, imaging specimens, designing and displaying 3D image files for learning. Training will be given.

Through the efforts of Prof Steve Jaques and Thanin Ong this year, we have access to 3D printers and the expertise to use them. This has already had an impact on Medical Teaching and even Examinations. From 3D printed brains and Circle of Willis for Y2 students, we are going from strength to strength. This is a young project, and requires dedicated and enthusiastic individuals to take it even further this year.

We ran a workshop demonstrating the use of 3D models in teaching at the NMRC Conference 2019 which received positive feedback and are excited to explore the many possible applications of this technology in medical education in the coming year. 


GP Simulation Game: Dr. You

Creating a game that simualtes life as a GP, solving case based problems with the clock ticking as countless diverse patients await you. Works to build and enhance diagnostic reasoning skills learned through CHDD, but with you able to control when and where this learning occurs. 

Using the ever popular Unity Gaming Engine, and in collaboration with SimpleMed. We are aiming to release an early Beta before the end of 2020, contact Jakevir Shoker (jss44) for more info.


What Would Doctor Do? (WWDD)

Did you enjoy ‘Goosebumps: Create your own adventure’ stories? What about playing as Henry Stickmin and joining the Toppat Clan?

Then What Would Doctor Do (WWDD) is the perfect project for you! Join us as we create practice scenarios for cases that students will frequently come across in clinical practice. From presenting complaint to formulating management plans, you will fill the shoes of a junior doctor and make decisions with consequences. Although initially daunting we aim that gradually students will begin to learn with a more clinical perspective, and feel more confident while on placement.

By using (believe it or not) PowerPoint and a little bit of creativity we plan on releasing our first case scenario early in the coming year. With the initial groundwork in place we have just begun the forming the face of the project. If you are interested it is a great opportunity to get involved at the ground level. For further details please contact Ria Prajapati (rp449).







QR Code Case Based Escape Room

5 people take on roles from an MDT to race against the clock to save a deteriorating patient. QR Codes around the room provide valuable information, but each of these change per role and as time progresses, via our special mobile app.

Pioneered as mass concurrent workshops at the Leicester INSPIRE National Medical Research Conference (NMRC) 2019.


Medical School Media Lab

MedRIFT is proud to reveal the Medical School Media Lab, jointly serving as the workshop of Dr Steve Jacques and as the physical home of MedRIFT. Currently it houses the 3D printers for the project mentioned above. We now have a powerful computer in there for all uses.


Future Projects...

We wish to expand our portfolio even more this year! Do YOU have a project you wish to start up? Or have you been inspired by one of our existing projects and wish to take it in another direction? I’m sure this year will be as successful as the last!

Meet the Committee 2022/23

President: Zobia Wadi

Vice President: Sudiksha Devendra Kumar

Treasurer: Nidhi Agarwal

Secretary: Ria Prajapati

Communications and Publicity Officer: Thinn Mon Aung

Inclusion and Wellbeing Ambassador: Olivia Nwosu

Education Coordinator: Sujata Dutta

Research Coordinator: Abdal Al-Ubeidi

Volunteer Coordinator: Ethan Tamlyn

Phase 1 Liason: Ryan Jones

Phase 2 Liason: Sumedh Sridhar

Technology and Innovation Lead: Jakevir Shoker

Graphic Designer: Thinn Mon Aung

Staff Supervisor and Project Lead: Terese Bird

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