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What is Doc to Doc? 

We are a peer-led revision society dedicated to first year, semester 2 students. The society is completely run and taught, by second year students. So, they have gone through exactly what you have, with knowing what is high yield in exams and what is essential to learn!

Doc-to-Doc aims to provide students with a holistic style of learning to help them understand and consolidate year 1 material in a more group based focused working environment. 

We remove all the unnecessary concepts and bits of information taught in lectures and make the teaching more concise and student focused to help prepare you for your exams. 

But more so, focusing on the harder concepts taught in year 1!

There is also HISTORY TAKING PRACTICE incorporated into the sessions which will help you with your formative OSCEs and CHDD sessions. 

What happens in Doc to Doc? 

Doc to Doc runs 10 sessions over 10 consecutive weeks, during semester 2. 

Each session comprises:

  • 3 hours of quality teaching and group work sessions.

?             - 1 hour lecture on a topic which is challenging. 
                    - 2 hour group work slot. 

The lectures: 

  • Every week taught by a different 2nd year student. This gives you variety to the lecture teaching with different lecture formats and styles of teaching. 
  • The topic is chosen by a mixture of input from the second year students and from you, the first years. 
  • The topics in the lectures are only of semester 2 content. (Semester 1 content would be added to the group work questions, since the harder concepts are in semester 2 and so, it would seem more worthy to lecture on those topics rather than semester 1 content).
  • The lecturers try their best to be interactive and ask questions during the lecture to make it more of a REVISION tool rather than solely a teaching source, as you already would have been taught the concepts. 

The Group work: 

  • Occurs straight after the lecture slot in the group work rooms. 
  • ?There is generally 50-60 first year students in the society at any one time. However, this may change depending on the demand that year. 
  • You are then split into 10 groups of 5-6, randomly. If there are special circumstances for why you would want to be in a different group, then this can be arranged. We can change the group numbers around and have more tutors to give a better student:tutor ratio if we think that would be necessary in that particular year.
  • Each group is assigned ONE second year student tutor who will be tutoring you for each of the 10 sessions. This way, you can formulate a relationship with your group and have consistency with the teaching. 
  • The group work is very much student focused where you can ask questions and take group work at your own pace. 
  • Your tutor will tailor the group work sessions to your groups needs. 

The Group work Questions: 

  • The first part of group work begins with a history taking question. Your group is presented with a case, acted out by the second year tutor. You as a group, then have to take a history as best you can and formulate a diagnosis. 
  • The history taking part is there for practice, and so it doesn't matter how good or bad you are, your tutors are there to help you improve. 
  • You will then have questions relating to the case which are made to link to the content taught over semester 2 and 1. 
  • This prepares you for the case based linked questions you get in your ESA exams. 
  • The remainder of the questions consist of SAQ style questions which are linked to cases in the stem, and also SBA style questions. Both being the styles of questions given in ESA's. 
  • Some of the questions are deliberately made hard, so that it makes you think deeper about concepts, so that you have a better understanding of the concepts taught. 

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