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Have you ever wanted to share an idea with the world? Or found your surroundings do not have the right resources?

Innova is a brand new society that focuses on projects created by students, both theoretical and practical, which can be submitted externally or within the society. Innova will be an opportunity to make ideas come true - ideas that could help reshape the world, that are innovative, creative, original, and inspirational.

While being part of Innova, students can adopt new skills, experiences, and knowledge not directly experienced in their respective course. As students, we read and acquire so much knowledge that questions and curiosities are often blurred with how much we are pushed to mainly learn and score well on, in contrast to how much we could be encouraged to freely design and create from our own hands and minds. Innova would thus be the opportunity for this curiosity to spark your ideas and creations.


To understand where ideas can be incorporated, we have several ongoing areas for them: 

  • Competitions/Contests/Companies

    • These competitions will be a great place to gain experience applying current knowledge while also learning various new skills such as leadership, time management, writing, public speaking, team management, critiquing your own ideas and many more. They are also a great opportunity to network and add experience to your CV. Examples of competitions  can be STEM related, practical eco- friendly solutions, and humanitarian missions. 

  • Individual driven research projects (+ can be oriented at exterior communities/companies)

    • In addition to the aforementioned projects, members can also feel free to join the society without the need to participate in a particular competition, but still having the interest to work on an idea in a group/individually! You could potentially self teach how to build a drone from scratch, or even construct a system on how education could be improved/reformed in the future! The exploration and depth to your ideas can be endless, along with flexible time-management, and you will be able to enjoy working with individuals just as interested and keen to support your idea. 

  • Projects aimed at improving world problems (such as sustainability and environment)

    • Combining a little bit of the two, perhaps you want to advocate for your idea to an external contact, whether it be the local council or a company, where you would like to raise awareness or gain attention to your possible design. Again, the reach of your contacts are unlimited and can be from anywhere, and we will be able to support your cause and interest. 

** Important! Please do not feel obliged to have come up with an idea or research to enter the society. You may find yourself entering with a blank mind, and once discussions and presentations initiate, you will surely find yourself thinking of questions and feedback that you can give to others as well! That way, you are more than welcome to enter Innova in pursuit of being a team member or simply out of curiosity and finding it interesting! 

Planned Activities

Each week we will be hosting various activities for members to participate in. These activities will vary each week and could be any of the following:

  • Scenario Solving

    • In the Scenario Solving week, all members will be given a current world problem or hypothetical scenario/question, individually or as a team. You will then need to design/create a solution to this scenario, such as mitigating space junk, tracking the effects of climate change, or how to prolong the reusability of plastic and other materials. The proposed solutions will be presented to special guests and to the whole society, along with publicity on the Innova website. 

  • Show and Tell

    • Show and Tell allows you to highlight a current issue unknown to the mainstream population and spark discussion.

  • Project updates 

    • At Innova, we hope to have multiple ongoing projects and provide sessions where teams can present their current progress and challenges.

  • Mental Health Week

    • Mental Health Week Will be an event where members will be informed of different resources and support services that they can use to keep themselves mentally healthy. We believe that keeping yourself healthy is extremely important. By doing this event, we hope to spread awareness of the resources and support that can help individuals stay happy and healthy while working with Innova. :)

  • Social activities 

    • Making friends and getting to know people is just as important as spending time dedicated to projects, which is why we want to have events where members can make friends in Innova, whatever project or course they are on. We would like to hear members' ideas of what social activities we should do? Go karting? Picnics? Escape rooms? Tours of the space centre? Let us know!

  • Special guests

    • We hope to invite guests such as professionals in the industry, PhD students, professors and community leaders to present and network with our members.


Online friendly

We will be hosting various previously mentioned activities online to accommodate those who cannot participate on campus. We want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to share, learn, and meet like-minded individuals. 


Innova hopes to collaborate with local businesses, communities, and societies in UoL and other universities to create a network of like-minded individuals outside of our society.

Committee Contacts

Primary email:

Director (Co-President)- Mohammed Siddiqui

Manager (Co-President)- James Orme

Treasurer- Zainab Bikar

Secretary- Fiona Poda

Wellbeing and Inclusion Ambassador- James Orme

Publicity Secretary- TBD



For social media, current projects or email, please visit: 













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