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To find out more about ULISOC, see our upcoming events, prayer timetable and more, please visit the ULISOC Website




If you would like to join the ULISOC Brothers or Sisters WhatsApp groupchat, please email (, or you can drop us a DM on our Instagram (@ulisoc), or send us a message on Facebook Messenger.




The Islamic Society (ULISOC) is all about you. We aim to cater to the welfare, education, social and spiritual well-being of all Muslims on campus. ULISOC provides a platform to support and positively engage with Muslims and Non-Muslims. We strive to represent universal Islamic values and principles on campus such as peace, equality, justice and welfare through various means including:

  • Education: We hold events and Q&A Sessions to enhance your understanding of Islam. This includes workshops and inviting in speakers.

  • Socials: We organise sports events, games nights, lunches, dinners, and much much more. The objective is to bring people together to build brotherhood and sisterhood. These social events allow students to destress, make new friends and enjoy themselves in a halal, safe and good atmosphere.

  • Action: We strive to promote positive action on campus such as:

    • Fundraising with Charity Week Campaigns. Charity Week is an international effort that takes place annually to raise money for the most pressing causes in the world.

    • Campaigning for important issues such as Awareness of Mental Health and Awareness of Islamophobia.

    • Community work; volunteering for the deprived in the local community.

    • Interfaith work; engaging with other faith societies and other societies to promote a better understanding of co-existence.

We aim to cater to the spiritual needs of Muslim students by:

  • Arranging weekly Jumuah Salah/Friday Prayers

  • Running and maintaining the on-campus prayer facilities.

  • Catering in numerous ways for students during Ramadan.

  • Providing many opportunities for students to increase their good deeds and make a difference.

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President: Sidra Muzaffer

Vice President: Dawood Husain

General Secretary: Maahir Marathe

Treasurer: Yusuf Jalisi

Head Brother: Ehsan Ullah

Head Sister: Anjuma Begum

Head of Media: Hannah Houghton

Head of Jumu'ah and Facilities: Zoya Ahmed

Head of Welfare: Mohammed Yaaseen Allana

Head of Education: Hadiqa Akram

Head of Campaigns: Zakariyya Daudbai

Head of Sisters' Sports and Socials: Halimah Bhikha

Head of Brothers' Sports and Socials: N/A




ULISOC offers many opportunities for people to get involved, join teams, and volunteer. All of this information will be sent to our WhatsApp group chats, as well as our social media throughout the year. There are many exciting teams to join and many amazing opportunities to get involved so we hope you will consider working with us.




Both the brothers’ and sister’s prayer rooms are located on the Mezzanine floor (between ground and first floor) of the Charles Wilson Building.


From the main entrance of the Charles Wilson Building, walk straight and go up the stairs to your left. Next, walk through two sets of double doors. The brothers’ prayer room is located immediately to your left, whilst the sisters’ prayer room is at the end of the corridor on your right.

There are separate ablution/wudu facilities for brothers and sisters just before the sister’s prayer room.

More information on prayer rooms will be coming soon.




Alhamdulilah, ULISOC organises weekly Jumu'ah prayers for both brothers and sisters.

All information about Jumu'ah Salah is provided on our WhatsApp group chats and our social media platforms. To get regular updates for Jumu'ah Salah, please join our group chats by messaging @ulisoc on Instagram or sending an email to We will reply as soon as possible.




For general queries, .

Drop us a message on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @ulisoc

For specific enquiries, please email and the relevant team/departmental head.

Please refer to our social media pages for updates!

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