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What is Airsoft?

If you have ever played COD, MW, CS:GO or any other 'first person shooter' computer game, Airsoft is a lot like these games only in the real world. Players engage each other with airsoft guns, which shoot 6mm plastic BB's, which leaves a slight sting like paintball, but nothing lasting. The majority of airsoft games are teamed based with set objectives which test teamwork and tactics.

In previous years this group has:

  • Attended competitions across the country.
  • Held training sessions at Project X and MAW.
  • We have collaberated with nearby Uni Airsoft societies to hold private games.

This year our plans include:

  • Hosting our 'give it a go' events during the freshers window.
  • Attending outdoor games.
  • Undertaking a number of 'themed', 'expeditionary' events.

Ok so something potential members and existing members should be aware of! Not bringing into either the Accommodation, residence and any/or residence grounds any weapons or items of any description that are illegal or which we consider (acting reasonably) to be offensive or dangerous including (but not limited to) firearms, air-weapons, bows, knives, swords, martial arts weapons, paint-ball guns and replica, ceremonial and toy weapons;

This clause of the accommodation contract will prohibit RIF's in the Uni accommodation!

Your 23/24 committee IS working on a solution to this situation, more detail to follow!

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