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Modern Dance

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The Modern Dance Society at Leicester University offers classes in a range of dance styles (Ballet, Modern, Tap, Commercial and Contemporary), as well as conditioning and stretching. All classes are taught by our official ISTD teacher Lauren, catering to all ability levels by offering both beginner, intermediate and advanced classes in Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, and Modern. Whether you want to try dance for the first time or you've been performing since you were tiny, there is a place for you here! <3

Throughout the year we enter competitions with other universities, travelling as a society and enjoying fun, dance and great team spirit. These competitions are totally optional, as some of our members prefer not to compete and, instead, just enjoy training with the team and getting a break from the seemingly relentless essay-writing that is university. Our performance opportunities are not limited to competitions;  we get invited to perform at a number of events throughout the year, as well as holding our annual showcase on campus (which won the 'Event of the Year' at the Student Awards 2014). The showcase is a great opportunity to show family and friends what we've been doing for the year.

The society is great fun to be a part of with a lovely, supportive team. Contact us on social media for more information (links below)!

We look forward to welcoming you to the team. 

Lots of dance love <3