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Anime & Manga (LANMA)

Welcome to the University of Leicester's Anime and Manga Society (LANMA)



Welcome to our vibrant community of anime and manga enthusiasts! Whether you're an avid fan or just stepping into this captivating realm, you've found your perfect society!

|| What We Offer ||

Weekly Anime Viewings: We meet once a week on campus to watch series selected and voted by you, with free entry for all.

~ Socials: Make new friends through our various socials throughout the year.

Competitions: Take part in the many competitions we host throughout the year, whether that'd be cosplay or art, and take a chance at winning special prizes.

~ Workshops: Unleash your artistic talents or learn new ones with our interactive workshops.

~ Comicon Trips: Join the society on trips to anime and comic conventions around the country!

|| 2021/22 Awards ||

Student Group of the Year

Outstanding Contribution to Student Experience

Special Recognition Awards

|| 2022/23 Awards ||

Student Group of the Year

~ Outstanding Contribution to Student Experience

Outstanding Contribution to Community

Keep yourself updated through our Student Union page and social media channels; see you soon for the new academic year! ???

The committee (and a little about ourselves):

  • President: Chloe E. Pearson
    • Hello! My name is Chloe and I am the president of LANMA for the 23-24 school year. I hope to make this society a friendly, welcoming environment for people to hang out and form friendships, preferably keeping the fighting and murder to a minimum. I am a first year BSc Medical Genetics student, coming in from a foundation year. I am a wizened mature student™ of 26 returning to education following a cancer diagnosis & treatment (so OP god had to nerf me). 

      If you ever need help with anything you are more than welcome to reach out to me either via Discord or my student e-mail ( 

      PS: You don't need to worry about Jacinta embezzling funds because I've already done it.


  • Secretary: Elsa Darr
    • Heyyy I’m Elsa I’m the secretary for Lanma this year. I’ll be doing the mailing list, keeping track of meetings etc. Don’t hesitate to message me if u have suggestions or if any issues arise I shall reply ASAP (if anyone tells u I’m bad at replying it’s a lie I’ve changed COUGH COUGH THEO!!). Oh and also don’t hesitate to approach me at events and stuff (even if I look moody that’s just my default expression) I very much enjoy random conversations and I’m a massive waffler so don’t be shy <33 especially if it’s about chainsawman p2 or music omggg ESPECIALLY WEBTOON ENTHUSIASTS !! I met a ton of lovely ppl here last year so get involved, hope u all have fun here & a great year.


  • Treasurer: Jacinta Omoruyi
    • Hii! My name is Jacinta and I’m the treasurer of lanma for this year :)) My job is to look over the finances, create budgets and *embezzle the society’s money*. Don’t be scared to drop me a message on discord, send me an email or ask about any enquiries you have whether it’s online or in person. I may look scary but I promise I don’t bite! I found LANMA to be very enjoyable last year and I hope we can keep it as fun and inviting as it was. Can’t wait to see you all at the upcoming socials, please make sure you get the membership!!

      PS: I was only joking about the embezzlement… Or was I?

      Email -


  • Wellbeing and Inclusion Ambassador: Theo Tyszkiewicz
    • Hihi I'm Theo AKA gobu gobeux hungry, I study Maths and AI and I'm the wellbeing and inclusion ambassador for this year! Drop me a message or email on any day at anytime (pls do it's literally my job) I'm pretty much a night owl so doesnt matter if its 3pm or 3am I'll be around to talk ! I'll also be at all (hopefully) socials and viewings so feel free to come up and chat, i'm the homeless jesus looking one :) I look forward to meeting you all at the Lanma events soon !!¡¡!!¡¡!!

    • P.S. Any Nichijou, CSM, Radiohead, Osu, PGR, noisecore, Persona, Metal addicts (mentally insane) hmu there must be at least one of you
    • PPS If Elsa invites you to Mosh, DO NOT accept, you will die and/or be scarred for life.

    • Email -


  • Events Manager: Joshua Soetan
    • Hello my name is Josh, I’m the events manager for this year, my job is to come up with ideas for events, plan events , manage them and ensure they go smoothly, if you have an idea for an event you like feel free to Dm me on discord or email me(email is below) and it could possibly be implemented. I’m a 1st year computer science student, returning from foundation year as well. Looking forward to having amazing events with you all in the future.


  • Social Media Manager: Naomi Musto
    • Ciao!!! My name is Naomi (or Nao), and I'm the social media coordinator of this society (*^_^*). 
      I mainly deal with keeping track and updating all of LANMA's socials and making sure that you can keep up to date with the special things we hope to bring forward to you in the upcoming year. Our main socials are our Discord server and our Instagram page, which follow if you haven't~~! I strive to make sure our socials can be as neat as possible, so if you would like to help out to make our socials better, please contact me!
      I have had experience with the society for more than 2 years now, and I am really excited to meet all the new people that are gonna join us this year (=°w°=). If you have good recommendations for manga or anime, don't hesitate to send me over a message on Discord (kitsuenbee). I'm very open to help anyone that is new to the university in regards to anything related to uni life, or things to do around the city, so tag me or message if you need help on that <3! You can also reach out to me through my e-mail (, or through our Instagram (
      See you soon \(>∀<?)/ ! 
      P.S. You can message in Italian, English, and Spanish. I'm trying to learn Japanese but my writing is pretty bad, so not yet :')



>You can join our Discord server here!

>Check out our AniList account where you can see animes we have watched as well those who have been submitted!

>If you have any questions, issues or suggestions, either contact a committee member or fill the feedback form.


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