Student Ideas


One of our key goals as a Union is to be always listening and acting to improve your University experience. We want to hear from you if you have any ideas on the following:

  • How your University experience can be improved, it could be something big or small, to do with the Union, University or your general day-to-day student life
  • Any events or campaigns you believe the Union should get involved with e.g. Bursaries, Blood Drive, Black History Month, Distance Learning Day, Anti Bullying Policy, Zero Tolerance.
  • Policies or positions you believe that the Union should take e.g. on Higher Education Funding –

We've made it  easier to submit a new idea using our simple Ideas System, you can also rate and comment on the ideas already submitted by visiting the  ideas page

What will happen once I've submitted my idea?

  • If the idea is simple e.g. providing copies of forms at Union Reception then we will simply act to implement the change and then let you and fellow students know that it has been done.
  • For most ideas students will be asked to indicate whether they like the idea and can also comment on it and you will be kept informed of how this is progressing. We will be promoting and encouraging students to engage with the ideas but you can also encourage fellow students to leave their views via the online system.  Once 20 people have liked it (and assuming this is a majority) then:
    • If it is a non-controversial campaign/event or activity (medium) we will form a small actioning group to set up a plan to implement the idea. Yourself and any fellow students interested in this area would be very welcome to attend these and help with the implementation if you wish.
    • If it is resource intensive, controversial or requesting to form a policy, the idea (large) will be referred to Union Council who will discuss and vote on the idea. If it receives a simple majority of members agreeing it is a good idea it would proceed to an actioning group as above.  You would be more than welcome to attend the council meeting/actioning group and we will be on hand to help each step of the way.

Who decides which route it follows?

Your elected Union President, in conjunction with a Union staff member, will categorise the idea - which will determine what happens next.

We will keep you updated as to which category the idea fits into within two working days and following this you will receive regular updates from us on how the idea is progressing.