Disability History Month



Hey, my name is Nic and I am your Liberation Officer for 2021-22.

Disability History Month has started and I am so excited for you to see the events both the Students’ Union have, and University, are putting on this year. Our commitment to showcasing a variety of disabled voices continues to shine through. Let us remember our past whilst continuing to celebrate those making history in the present.

Scroll down to find out more about Disability History Month, alongside some helpful resources. 





Hi! My name is Adz and I’m your 2022-23 Accessibility Officer. Image preview

As your Part-Time Accessibility Officer, I would firstly like to say that I hope you are all settled (back) into university life and studies and that I can be contacted for any questions, signposting, concerns, and suggestions regarding accessibility at the University and Student’s Union.

Disability History Month in the UK first occurred in 2010 and has been a yearly event from that point on. Disability History Month is an important time to look at the struggles, the fight for rights through the disability rights movement, and the achievements of disabled people.

It is also important to understand that the fights for rights, recognition, and equality is still an ongoing battle. Discrimination, inequality and pushing aside of rights are still an ongoing issue in all areas of society - the workplace, in healthcare, in education, on transport and may other areas.

It is important that allies of disabled people stand by and fight with the community, as well as other minority

and oppressed groups, until that fight is no longer needed. 

Disability History Month is the perfect opportunity to instigate meaningful dialogue about what disability is, what it means to have a disability or health condition, all the different forms disability come in whether that is mental health, a visible physical disability or an invisible disability. 

It is important to make sure all student voices are heard and no one is left behind, locked out, or discriminated against. The University of Leicester’s Student Union is proud to support and join disabled students in Disability History Month, celebrating how far disablity rights have come, but also pushing for further improvements. The University of Leicester Student Union is committed to supporting and amplifying the voices and experience of both students and staff across the university. 

#DisabilityHistoryMonth #DisabilityHistoryMonth2022 



Disability History Month 2022 – Disability, Health and Wellbeing


What is Disability History Month?
An outline of the history of UKDHM

Disability, Health and Wellbeing Broadsheet:
This is a long form history piece looking at the history of the health and wellbeing of people with disabilities in the UK and how politics and policy have been used to impact their lives.

UK Disability History Month Launch Event – UK Disability History Month
Recording of the launch event for UK Disability History Month 2022

Social Model of Disability – Scope
A film looking at the social model of disability which has been developed by people with disabilities. The social model says that people are disabled by barriers in society rather than their physical or mental difference.

Coronavirus and the social impacts on disabled people in Great Britain – ONS Article
Results from three waves of surveys from February 2021 used to highlight how disabled people have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic

Disabled people in Britain and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic – Research paper
Research paper based on interviews with 69 disabled people in England and Scotland to look at the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic covering topics such as the failures of social care; the use of new technologies; and participants' view on leadership and communication

Austerity cuts killed tens of thousands from 2010 onwards – Disability Rights UK article
Article looking at how UK government policy has caused harm to those with disabilities over the last 12 years

10 Ways to be a Good Ally to Disabled People – She Might Be blog
A blog outlining ways that non-disabled people can be good allies and advocates for those with disabilities.


What is Disability History Month?

UK Disability History Month (UKDHM) is an annual event creating a platform to focus on the history of our struggle for equality and human rights. It was founded in 2010 by various disabled rights activist groups. Here is their founding statement. 



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