Me Too on Campus


Last year, the NUS and The 1752 Group produced ground-breaking research on the prevalence of staff-student misconduct and sexual violence in UK higher education at a national level.

41% of respondents* had at least one experience of sexualised behaviour from a University staff member. This percentage is even higher for postgraduates, LGBT+ students, and women. 

Staff misconduct is one of the many ways that sexual harassment and violence plays out in higher education. This behaviour is culturally embedded and we must take action.

For many people on campus, sexual violence is an everyday reality - but a lack of research in this area, matched with institutional failings and a culture of silence, means that we have very little understanding of this issue.

#MeTooOnCampus is a campaign to harness the power and lived experiences of our communities to create transformative social change on campus. 

Following a series of events, our campaign led to a meeting with student campaigners and the University’s President and Vice-Chancellor and CEO of our Commercial Partner to ask for a number of changes including an increase in counsellors and streamlined banning procedures at club nights.

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If you have been affected by these issues then you can report it here and access support at Leicester Talks. Information tailored to sexual violence incidents can also be found here.

* 752 out of 1839 respondents who were current or past HE students. Power in the academy: staff sexual misconduct in UK Higher Education, April 2018