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Disclaimer: People often have multiple learning intelligences, your result may only be one strength in your learning, so please refer to all of our pages of study skills to find a combination that works best for you.


Below are different modes of learning intelligence following the theory that everyone has a unique style of learning (that usually fits into one of these eight categories) and can offer different modes of intelligence to any degree subject. By no means does everyone fit into one category of learning intelligence, you may find aspects of yourself in multiple, however we wanted to create useful study skills that can be applied to any degree and provide a more accessible learning environment for all students, no matter what educational strength you posess. Take a look through all of them and think about what works best for you:

Menan Silva - Downloadable A4 Weekly Planner


Auditory Learning


Intrapersonal Learning


Kinaesthetic Learning


Linguistic Learning


Logical Learning


Naturalistic Learning


Social Learning


Visual Learning