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Sian Worton

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My name is Siân Worton and I am from Stevenage, Hertfordshire :)


What inspired you to become a part-time officer? 

In 2021, I began my degree in Criminological and Forensic Psychology at another university, where I finally received a diagnosis after suffering with my physical health since I was a child. Finally, along with other health issues, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was able to access help as well as justify my limitations. Undergoing this whilst at university was overwhelming and there was a distinct lack of accessible policies and support that made me feel university wasn’t an environment I could survive in, let alone thrive. 

After starting my degree fresh at the University of Leicester, it is clear that university can be an environment where diversity and accessibility are highly valued and considered, however there is always room for improvement. Due to being a physically disabled student, who also has conditions that impact both academic and mental health parts of my life, I believe there is more that the university can provide for all types of disabled students. 

I hope to make long-term changes, serve as a liaison and provide a support system for the disabled community. By becoming the voice for students with accessibility needs, we can make university a more welcoming, diverse environment which we can thrive in! 


What are your priorities for the year? 

I hope to achieve a wide array of improvements during the following year, but my priorities will be as follows: 

  • Raising awareness for the spectrum of disabilities students have and combating discrimination head-on around campus.


  • Becoming a beacon of support in various areas. These include, but not limited to, applying for government funded benefits (such as PIP and DSA), ensuring accommodation is suitable for student’s needs and combating discrimination on campus. 


  • Creating new forums for students to provide feedback as well as improving pre-existing support by making sessions more student friendly. I hope to represent students with accessibility needs in whichever ways they may need: conversing with course/content leaders to improve accessibility; providing support when faced with discrimination. 


  • Increasing campus accessibility by re-evaluating classrooms so information is current and specific needs can be catered for. Such as no bright overhead lighting for neurodiverse students, comfortable seating in lectures for those with physical needs. Additionally, I hope to work with neurodiverse students to help facilitate a safe space that accommodates to their needs. 


  • Providing and creating adequate, varied and specific packs for students joining and already in the University of Leicester, which include supportive resources to lessen anxiety and provide an easier transition to university. This service hopes to remove barriers that people with disabilities are faced with in higher education. 


What are your hobbies and interests? 

I am a plant enthusiast with a greenhouse, and library, for a bedroom! Reading fantasy and playing video games are my favourite things to do. 


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