Adz Morgan

Accessibility Officer

Adz Morgan

About me:

Course: MSci Natural Sciences (Physics Pathway) – Year 2

Hometown: Impington, Cambridge


How others describe me:

Passionate about subjects that interest you to the point of applying high levels of dedication and going above and beyond what most people would do, for example, staying up until 4am taking photos of the night sky to get very detailed images. (Passionate and dedicated). -Paul Dore

Very determined and see things through to the end/finish. Gives things plenty of thought and a good person to have in your corner. -Peter Sharp

Tenacious, single minded to achieve goals and resilient when facing adversity. -Syrone Dore


What inspired you to become a Part-Time Officer:

After being a course and department rep in my first year, I wanted to continue supporting students and being a voice for students, especially those often not heard. I also wanted to continue the work of the last PT Accessibility officer and campaign to make sure people not only know about invisible conditions but to also increase understanding and make the university even more accessible from access to diets to areas that help mental health. I also wanted to work with other groups of people such as the LGBT+ community, as it’s well known that minority groups often have mental health issues due to being excluded from society and a lack of understanding.


What can you offer students in your role:

I can offer my experience of having an invisible condition and having to deal with persecution and exclusion throughout most of my life and as a result suffering with some mental health issues because of this. I have also had stress related mental health issues. I want to use my experiences to help others and try to prevent and reduce others going through the avoidable issues I’ve had by campaigning and pushing for support groups being set up. I can offer my full support, experience, knowledge and determination to get things done to improve your university experience and make it a positive memorable time, and of course I can offer my time.


What is the most important change you want to make this year:

I want to help people realise their potential and know where they can get support to achieve their potential, as well as help encourage people to take a chance, but also to make sure that students know what help, support and facilities are available to them in times of need and in general.


Hobbies & Interests:

I have a varied mix of interests and hobbies, some of which you may not necessarily think you would put together. I have a love of music, not just listening to but composing and playing music, I had been playing the saxophone (soprano and alto) since I was 14 years old, until some years back I could no longer play due to health, but my health recently improved meaning I want to get back to playing the saxophone. I have a passion for different types of photography, from microphotography to macrophotography to astrophotography and recently I have been creating timelapses. With astrophotography comes my love for astronomy and by extension the various areas of science, including microscopy.


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