Jade Rowe

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Jade Rowe


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What is your name?:

Jade Louise Rowe (She/They)


What are you studying?

I am a 2nd year Law with Criminology student


What is your hometown?

Milton Keynes, UK


What inspired you to become a part-time officer?

With society becoming more accepting of the LGBT+ community, it can be overlooked that there are still many struggles which this community faces. Acknowledging this, I realized that I had a voice which I could use to help lessen these barriers in regard to individuals student experiences. Therefore, I shall do the most I can to create a place in which LGBT+ students can feel safe and accepted in their academic endeavours.


What are your priorities for the year? (cw: assault)

My main priorities while in this position is to focus on establishing a place either within the Student Union itself or on campus, where LGBT+ individuals can send post which they do not feel comfortable getting delivered to their house/ living situation. While Amazon lockers can be useful for some items, other items such as (but not limited to) binders, packers and larger items that do not fit the requirements of Amazons dimensions, can hinder LGBT+ individuals in being and expressing who they truly are proudly. Thus, I believe this would be a positive improvement for the university.

Other priorities I would also like to work on are: bringing more awareness to gender neutral toilets; highlighting advice tailored towards Asexual and Non-Binary community; and more attention to types of assault and plans of action which individuals can take if they find themselves in a situation, especially sexual assault.


What are your hobbies and interests?

As my life revolves around music, my hobbies and interests tend to spiral from this. I have played the Flute since I was 10, and at the moment I am particularly enjoying learning pieces by Ian Clarke. I also am slightly addicted to concerts, and due to my diverse music taste I therefore spend most my money on them- meaning I fully embrace the student pasta for dinner narrative!

Outside of music, I also love to watch horror movies and go on long walks with my dog.


Jade will be recieving an SU email address soon. In the meantime, email nt203@le.ac.uk if you have any queries.




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