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Madhavi Thanniru

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Madhavi Thanniru (or Maddy)


What inspired you to become a Part-Time Officer?

Becoming a part-time student officer was inspired by a profound belief in the power of student-led initiatives for campus safety and wellbeing. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by our academic community, I was motivated to bridge the gap between students and campus security. This role enables me to actively contribute to a safer and more inclusive learning environment while honing valuable skills that complement my academic pursuits.


What are your priorities for the year?

My priorities for the year revolve around strengthening community engagement through proactive outreach programs and workshops. Additionally, I aim to collaborate with university departments to implement preventive measures, enhance emergency response protocols, and advocate for mental health resources for students. Lastly, I'm committed to fostering an atmosphere of trust and transparency within the student body, ensuring that their concerns and suggestions are heard and addressed effectively.


What are your hobbies and interests?

Travelling, Adventure Activities, Reading Books, Volunteering, Engagement activities, Scuba Diving.


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