Trisha Spencer

Mature and Part-Time

Trisha Spencer

About me:

Course: BSc Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience

Hometown: Leicester

How others describe me:

A confident, inspirational, motivated and passionate individual that is goal driven and easy to approach whist being straight forward and empathetic whilst empowering others to succeed.

What inspired you to become a Part-Time Officer:

After being involved with the Student Union at Leicester College I was motivated to engage with the Student Union at the University of Leicester. As a mature student myself, I was driven to ensure that mature students are heard and represented whilst having opportunities being provided that is relevant, and support is given to assist with engagement and a of what is available.

Contact Details:  Teams drop in: TBC one time table is known

What can you offer students in your role:

Drive, resourcefulness confidence to get what need to be done. I will ensure I make time to listen to students and collaborate to create needed change. I will have open drop in in session that are recurrent. I will also ensure that the students voice is heard.

What is the most important change you want to make this year:

To ensure that students are aware of all the facilities they can access. I also aim to lower the feeling of isolation by creating oppertortunities to network with other mature/part time students and raise the awareness of the Mature students common room and society as well as the childcare room.

Hobbies & Interests:

I have too many to mention them all, many are on a seasonal rotation haha. Some of my top ones includes reading academic articles, keeping in tune with certain strings of psychology and science, art, swimming, and networking. I do love getting involved with the odd game of rugby.

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