Anurag Pasari

Postgraduate Officer


Anurag Pasari (he/him)



Hyderabad, India


What inspired you to become a Part-Time Officer?

The smile and sigh of relief on a student's face who is in distress and finally gets out of it because of any little help that I could do is my adrenaline and what gets me going. Thats what pushes me to work hard for my role as a Post graduate officer. 

To ensure that the students don't just have a great academic experience but also a great overall holistic journey with UOL in terms of sports, entertainment, as well as personal growth. So that they can proudly stand tall with their heads high and represent themselves to be a student of University of Leicester in their respective fields and careers. Moreover, I am a peoples person and gravely interested in resolving students' issues not just academically but also on a personal level or maybe be a good set of ears to listen to.


What are your priorities for the year?

  • First and foremost, to make sure that even the smallest of PG students' concerns are taken care with utmost attention with the shortest turnaround possible.

  • Also, to ensure that a standing chance is given to those who have great inputs for betterment of student experience and the university but are hesitant to stand up and represent themselves.

  • To take initiatives for creating a synergy between students who want to interact with people from different ethnicities, cultures and different walks of life that might help the students to get globally ready and prepared which might help them in their respective fields and careers later.


What are your hobbies and interests?

I love travelling and meeting new people. Also, good at making people laugh and being a great company to be with. Great at badminton (meh) and love swimming and a major food lover. 


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