International Students Day

Ola Dalek, the International Students' Officer in 2019/20 campaiged for better pastoral and practical spport for International students, this included running a survey to understand the experiences and challeges faced by International Students. 

There are more than 4000 International Students at our University and Leicester is one of the most diverse cities in the UK. Diversity is what unites us and International Students' Day is a chance to celebrate multiculturalism and find out more about different cultures that we are surrounded by. Through understanding and embracing our differences, we build awareness of cultural diversity and learn to appreciate each other.

On International Students Day (18 November 2019) there were a number of events organised where students could meet new people, talk to them and broaden your knowledge about foreign countries.  These events included

  • Brasoveanca Dance Workshop
  • International Students Day Fair- Celebrated diveristy, gave students the opportunities to learn about different cultures, try traditional foods, learn foreign languages and network with other international students!
  • Free Yoga for International Students
  • Treetop Adventure Mini Golf
  • Study Tips for International Students 
  • ELSAPero Evening
  • Boost Trampoline Park

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