Rethink Sustainability


What is Rethink Sustainability?


Welcome to Rethink Sustainability! This campaign is officially launching on the 18th January. The core aim of this work is to bring you transparency, information and resources on the full narrative of sustainability. There are lots of opportunities to get involved, develop your understanding and make change so make sure to come back and see for yourself after we launch.  

This campaign is not an exhaustive list, it will be vital to reflect and expand this work to support students to have the voice and the agency to make real change. The climate crisis requires urgent action now and universities have a responsibility to commit meaningfully to ensuring a sustainable and ethical future for all members of their community.  

You can register your interest for the campaign here and share your feedback and suggestions as well.  

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How can you get involved in Sustainability?


If you are interested in getting involved in any of the groups mentioned above, please email our Activities Team.



Key Sections


As part of this campaign, we will be shedding a light on a wide range of topics and issues. Please see below a list of the areas we will be covering - if the page is not live yet, it will be soon so keep a look out.


1. Investment and Ethical Investment Policy 


2. Climate Justice Campaign


3. University Sustainability 


4. Climate Anxiety and resources


More sections will be added soon.



Want to learn more?


Express your interest

Interested in getting involved with the campaign? Whether it's sharing your ideas or wanting to be kept in the loop with updates related to Sustainability.

Complete this form to express your interest, it will take less than 2 minutes.



Sustainability Podcasts

Liberating sustainability podcast

Liberating Sustainability, produced and presented by Jelena Sofronijevic and Hatty Ruddick, is an intersectional take on the climate emergency. Over five weekly episodes, the podcast focuses on the intersections of race, sexuality, class, gender, and ability. In each episode, field leaders from student liberation movements and academia deconstruct the exclusivity of sustainability activism and education.


If you'd like to find out more about the creators of the podcast, click here!


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