International Womxn's Week


International Womxn’s Week is a time to celebrate anyone, past and present, who identifies as a woman in society. It is recognised internationally as a day to celebrate the achievements of womxn and the impact they’ve had through their political, cultural, artistic and scientific work. Here at Leicester Students’ Union, the celebration takes place for a week trying to ensure that the campaign is intersectional and inclusive.


There is a varied history of the digression of the term women from the ‘men’ suffix. From ‘womyn’ to ‘womxn’, the term ‘womxn’ is not an address to fix all or other people that have historically been excluded from white feminism or faced invalid gender critique. Whether that is womxn of colour or non-binary people with womxnhood as part of their identity. 


However, there is also valid critique of the use of the word and it is important to understand that while womxn may be helpful for some communities, it can be alienating and weaponised against others, particularly trans and non-binary people.


This is not the end goal but an attempt for people who have been and/or continue to be marginalised and (made to be not included) or hypervisible, that this campaign was developed with you in mind.


To everyone one else, we encourage you to take this time to think about the part we're playing in creating a safe environment for women, and if that environment is truly inclusive of all different intersecting identities and experiences women have.

Our Events


Netflix Party: Oceans 8

Tuesday 9 March, 7pm (plug-in required)

Starring Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, and Rihanna. Debbie Ocean, younger sister of the late Danny Ocean, meets with her former partner-in-crime Lou to convince her to join a heist that she planned while serving her sentence.

Netflix Party: Little

Tuesday 23 March, 7pm, Netflix Watch (plug-in must be installed)

Coming to Netflix on 19 March


Black Women's Forum

11 March: 6pm, Teams

An informal opportunity for a virtual hangout, drop-in and out whenever you like.


Resillience Workshops for WoC

24 March & 26 March 2021, TBC, Microsoft Teams

Women of Colour are always told to be resilient and strong, and are many times denied their vulnerability. Facilitated by Malak Mayet this workshop is designed to be an intimate experience with women you are close with, to create a safe space and share experiences, and explore sustainable resilience and what that looks like in the times of today


You can also browse the University's IWD events and nominate someone to join this year's digital Wall of Women




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