Transgender & Non-binary Inclusion in Sport

Transgender & Non-binary Inclusion in Sport

Georgia Henton

The Students’ Union is currently working on a Transgender and Non-binary inclusion in sports policy. Alongside this policy, we will be working to structurally change the entire sporting community to make it a more inclusive space. This is through work like making kits more size-inclusive and gender-neutral and creating more educational tools around the subject so our students are better informed. 

On this page, we will be making regular posts to update students on the work that we are doing. So, even if you cannot immediately see changes happening, you can see that we are working hard behind the scenes!

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to send me an email outlining your ideas!

Georgia Henton (she/her)
Sports Officer 21/22


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Official Statement

Through student feedback, we have noticed that there is a gap in policy surrounding the inclusion of transgender and non-binary in sports, not only at this university, but nationally. On the back of this, we are looking to put together a policy which reflects the values of both institutions but, most importantly, reflects the values of our students. We hope that this is a step in the right direction to make sport here at Leicester, and in Higher Education as a whole, a more inclusive space.


To ensure that the values that we hold are represented as effectively as possible, we would like to invite transgender and non-binary students at UoL to join a focus group that will look specifically at this policy and help us shape it with the student voice at the forefront of this conversation.


We are also looking to reach out to other SU’s in the region to share ideas and create a united front throughout the Midland’s.


This work is part of a commitment and desire by Leicester’s Student’s Union and Sport and Active Life to be as inclusive as possible. This work will be driven by education and understanding and we would greatly appreciate as much student input as possible as it will be current and future students who will be impacted the most.

Update (31/3/2022)

In recent weeks, it has been noted that there is no transgender and non-binary inclusion policy in sport at Leicester. Since then, the SU and Sport and Active Life have started conversations about how to rectify this. We are working collaboratively to create a policy, with student voices at the heart of it. We hope this this statement is a step in the right direction to make sport a more inclusive space. If you have any feedback or suggestions around this, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me, my contact info is below! We want to work with you to develop this and create the environment we know should exist here at Leicester.


Trans Support Guide can be found here.


Support from Together We Can on issues ranging from health and wellbeing, to legal matters can be found here.


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