World Mental Health Day 2020


This year's World Mental Health Day comes during uncertain times which have put a strain on all of us.  You may have just started university, whilst in the midst of a pandemic, something none of us could have predicted. Right now, looking after our mental health is more important than ever.

Some of us may have adjusted to this strange new way of living quite well, whereas others might still be struggling. However you may be feeling is valid, so don’t let anyone tell you how you should be feeling. Most importantly: be kind. Be kind to yourself and give yourself the time you need and take things at the pace that is right for you. Be kind to the ones around you to create a more harmonic environment that allows you all to feel safe. If you are struggling, please know there is help out there. You can speak to our Advice Service who can signpost you to the right service for whatever support you may need.

Take care and be kind.

Karli Wagener, Your Wellbeing Officer 2020/21 


Get involved!


This Mental Health Day we have put together a variety of activities for you to get involved with - you can even do these from the comfort of your own home. Our very own societies have also put together crafting activities for you to take part in! We hope that this helps you to relax and encourages you to take time out to look after your wellbeing.


* Headspace app subscription giveaway *


As part of World Mental Health Day, we are asking you to have a go at creating your OWN Zen space. We have THREE Headspace app subscriptions to giveaway - we'll be choosing our top 3 zen spaces.

To enter:

1. Create your own Zen space - be creative and think outside the box.

2. Post a picture of your Zen space and tag @leicswellbeing and @leicesterunion on Instagram.

3. We will pick our top three rooms and announce the winners on Saturday 10th October at 6pm on Instagram.

Good luck!


and breathe...


Instagram live with Book Club - Saturday 10 October

Come and join our Wellbeing Officer and Book Club on Instagram to discuss a list of books that can help you with your mental health. We hope you can join us!



Give Journaling a go

Journaling is a powerful tool for examining and shifting thoughts from anxious and ruminative to empowered and action-oriented. You can journal for as long as you like, but if you are new to it then we suggest 5-15 minutes. It is completely up to you whether you decide to do this hand-written or using a computer - whatever works best for you.

Please visit here for how to start a journal if you've never done one before.


Practice #selfcare

You may already have a self-care routine but if you don't you may want to have a look at these self-care activities. You can either print these off or you could be creative and create your own! During exams it is more important than ever to look after yourself. What your self care routine looks like may be completely different someone else's - everyone is unique and that is perfectly okay. Find what suits you and remember to take time out from revision and studying - you cannot possibly work around the clock all day every day.


Get colouring with Art Society

Colouring is a great way to relax and can help you to switch off - stick on some music or watch a film. Our very own Art Society have put together a range of colouring sheets for you to print off. You can download these below:

Colouring Sheet 1

Colouring Sheet 2

Colouring Sheet 3

Colouring Sheet 4

Colouring Sheet 5

Colouring Sheet 7

Colouring Sheet 8

Dot-to-Dot 1

Dot-to-Dot 2

Dot-to-Dot 3

Dot-to-Dot 4


Practice pilates (and breathe...)

During this time you may find you're spending a lot of time being sat down, particuarly if you're studying. If you want to move your body but do not want anything too streneous, you may want to try pilates. If you are struggling to get to sleep or wake up feeling overwhelmed with your to do list, pilates may help to reduce your stress levels and boost your wellbeing. Pilates has been shown to:

1. Improve concentration and reduce distraction

2. Deep breathing slows your heart rate and relaxes your muscles

3. Focusing on movements with awareness and intention - mindfulness helps you to focus and be present

Here is a gentle morning practice to try.


Optimistic October Calendar - Action for Happiness

Action for Happiness Life have put together a calendar for this month for you to download. Setting positive goals for the future gives our lives a sense of direction and purpose. And although we face many challenges there are also lots of reasons to stay hopeful. By consciously choosing our priorities we can overcome issues, make progress and focus on what really matters. You can download the calendar here.


If you need help please visit our Covid-19 support page and self help resources created by our Advice Service.

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