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Please find below a list of resources to support you, ranging from financial/budgeting advice to emotional support relating to COVID-19. We hope that these resources are useful.

Budgeting & Financial Advice

Our Advice Service have put together a budgeting guide and a link to Money, Budgeting and Legal where many more support services can be found,including on-campus advice clinics and the University welfare service, the wider support available in the off-campus Leicester community, and a collection of online resources.

You can visit the University's Financial support page which includes support surrounding: undergraduates and postgraduates, the Hardship Fund, and other information, including employment, tax, the Disabled Student’s Allowance, budgeting, grants, and more.


Workers Rights

Our How to Adult section includes information about disclosing a disability to your employer, statutory sick pay, what to look for when reading your employment contract, and what to do if you get called for jury duty.

The Government website includes information about rights specifically for interns. This covers: minimum wage, complaints, and different types of work placements.

Target Jobs covers the rights students have as part-time workers/ employees. It covers information related to: minimum wage, working hours, tax, and the gig economy.

Save the Student includes details on holiday entitlement, the difference between interns and employees, and what to do if you feel your rights have been violated.

The Student Job website covers an array of questions you might have, including what garden leave is! It also has information on workplace discrimination, constructive dismissal, maternity leave, and plenty more.


Emotional Support

Take a look at our COVID-19 updates and the University's Coronavirus information page which includes informative and up to date information regarding COVID-19.

Heads Together have helpful resources to help you look after your mental health during a pandemic.

Visit our COVID-19 support page which includes sections on wellbeing and emotional and mental health, housing advice, and support for international students.

The University's Student Welfare Service includes useful contact information and can provide specialist advice on a variety of issues.

The University's Student Counselling and Wellbeing Service can provide self-help guides and resources. This page also includes contact information for the student counselling service.


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